Bronze 1 Health

Bronze 1

People who make them feel uneasy or anxious can try to flee if they have a bronze aura. Attempting to stay out of social situations, as well as those involving other bronze-spiritual types, is another option. This is due to the bronze aura’s tendency to make them feel exposed and defenseless, which makes them want to run away from those who do so. The best course of action is to avoid being around too many people who have this aura; it’s just bad for everyone. Being around people who have this aura might make these people feel uneasy because they are shy by nature. Additionally, if there are too many of these types in one location, it could become overwhelming for both of them, which would prevent them from having fun or learning anything new. Foods that are known to cause a strong spiritual aura in people with this aura include chocolate candy bars, red meat (red is thought to be an “evil” color), and berries. People with this aura should avoid eating these foods. When it comes to giving their owner a sense of security and strength, these foods are very potent.

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