CYAN 1 Wealth


Since the whole trait for being a cyan aura person, they are quite calm, creative, empathetic and open to changes. The possible occupation for them is to be life coaches, healers, teachers, professors, artists,  psychologists, guidance counselors, and social workers. Based on their ideal occupation, they are a good listener and they would like to speak and express their thoughts about the situation of their clients, students, and towards their surroundings. Since they have the will to work things out for themselves, molding their expression to show anyone what they perceived in their circle of society and not let anyone be left behind. 

The challenge they may face in their career is they are emotionally sensitive. They might be having a hard time dealing with harsh criticism since they may not be able to take it well and they might get overthink it, especially on something they made or put effort into, once they feel denied with what they are expressing, they will stop expressing themselves and hide with what they feel.

To bring back the motivation of their career, they must be reminded that not all bad things happening in their lives are the end of the world. Even if it hurts them, they must face the challenge as this will be a new lesson for them and a possible change of a new experience they will encounter in life. They also need someone who listens to their struggles and makes them realize that everything will be alright.

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