Health – Your Heart. Literally, Figuratively DP

The Lovers

the lovers

Health – Your Heart. Literally, Figuratively

Do you notice this during the happiest moments of your life? Your body feels light, strong, full of energy. Everyday is a good moment to live for you. Now look back to the unhappy moments you had in the past. It feels really different. Your body feels heavy, weak, and you get all kinds of symptoms with no explanation. Every day feels like a bad day to live. You even seem to catch colds quickly! As with Lovers who are affected by their deepest feelings and their bonds, so it is with your body. There is a deep bond between your heart and your wellbeing, and your emotions mess with what your body goes through for the day. If you have been quite ill or weak for no apparent reason, look within. Ask what emotions or thoughts do you have inside your heart at present. When you notice that you are being upset or sad for a long while, try your best to cheer yourself up. Do what you can to feel happy again! It works wonders just like medicine.

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