Angel Message Of The Day : Honor Yourself

Archangel Gabriel, 


You might feel stuck right now. You might be experiencing anxiety, worry, and a sea of doubt. It’s possible that you find it challenging to follow your intuition and make decisions. Even worse, you might think you’re caught in a circle of conflict you created yourself. I realize that this all seems rather gloomy to you. However, I am also aware that things don’t become that way. I want to assist you in escaping these things’ shackles so that you can begin living the best possible life that is always around the corner from you.


There are many blessings before you. Countless blessings brought you to where you are now. It’s true that you’ve gone through a lot of unpleasant experiences, and that it’s been challenging. However, there is still so much additional for you to discover. You have had such immense ability and potential for change and advancement. You’ll discover how to make a contribution to the world by using your gifts to help others. You can choose to concentrate on the blessings God has bestowed you or focus on what is still not yours but might be attainable in the future. This gives you an option in how you will lead your life both right now and in the future. You can decide to only see the bad things going on around you, or you can look past them and consider what lessons you can learn about yourself.

I hope that as we navigate this season together, we will always find solace no matter what is going on in the world. All things occur for a reason; they are all a component of God’s initiatives for our lifetimes; they are all a part of His ideal plan for each of us as individual people and as a family. I wish and hope that we will never forget this. The fact that we accept God’s grace as well as love because it is all that matters. Although many individuals will advise you to be thankful for all of your graces, we can often recognize how much better off we could have been if we had chosen a different course in life when we take a step back and consider where we might have been somewhere and what could have occurred if we had done different things.


Is there not even one golden nugget in all that has come before to be counted as blessings? This moment gifts thee with an opportunity to begin anew, new choices, renewed faith, trust in the Divine, believe in you. You have been given a second chance at life and you have a choice to make: will you take it? Will you enable yourself to be receptive to the opportunities this moment presents? Will you have faith in your own abilities to build the dream life? Life is brimming with possibilities. There are lots of options. We have an opportunity every day to live lives that are consistent with our highest ideals, both for ourselves and for the people surrounding us.

It’s crucial for you to understand that you can speak from the heart without hesitation. We have witnessed numerous instances of people who chose to remain silent and allow others to communicate for them rather than speaking up for themselves out of fear of the consequences. The truth is that nothing should stop you from telling your story, or from sharing the love in your heart. Just remember: You are strong, you are valuable, and you deserve to be loved. You are not alone in this world (and neither are we). So remember: Be unafraid to love and be loved.

Be free to love as well as be loved. This gift has been given to you in order that you can use it to benefit both yourself and others. Even though you might not yet understand what this means or how to go about doing it, as you come to understand who you are and your authority, things will begin to make sense. You will begin to understand that every person on this planet has something valuable to offer—something they can teach us about ourselves or about their culture or about how they live their lives. Be unafraid to gift another as you would gift yourself.  Be unafraid to gift yourself as you would gift another. 


Be fearless, honor you this day and all your days. You see, when you’re afraid to speak your truth and defend your character, it’s like being in the middle of a river with no way to get to shore. You are held down by the current and can do nothing but watch helplessly as those around you float downstream without you.

Amanda Cooper

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