Holy Archangels Prayer FOR PROTECTION


Holy Archangels Prayer FOR PROTECTION

Thank you, Archangel Raguel, celestial defender and guardian of divine justice, for invoking the might of God to shield and protect me from harm. With humble gratitude, I express my appreciation for your steadfast defense and unwavering protection, knowing that your divine intervention is a beacon of light in the midst of darkness.

With reverence and humility, I now turn to you once more, oh Archangel Raguel, to request your continued safeguarding and guidance. As I navigate the twists and turns of life’s journey, I implore you to keep me safe from harm and to shield me from the adversities that may threaten to derail my path.

In your infinite wisdom and boundless grace, may you continue to stand as a steadfast guardian at my side, warding off dangers seen and unseen with the power of God’s divine protection. Surround me with your radiant light and shield me with your mighty wings, so that I may walk in safety and security under your watchful gaze.

With a heart overflowing with gratitude and unwavering trust, I offer my sincerest thanks for your divine intercession, oh Archangel Raguel. In your benevolent presence, I find solace and strength, knowing that with your guidance, I am shielded from harm and led towards the path of righteousness and peace.

Your presence is a beacon of hope in the darkness, a steadfast reminder of the boundless love and mercy of our heavenly Father. With each passing moment, may your divine protection envelop me like a comforting embrace, instilling within me a sense of peace and security that surpasses all understanding.

As I journey through life’s trials and tribulations, may your presence be a constant source of comfort and strength, guiding me through the storms and leading me towards the tranquil shores of divine grace. With you by my side, I walk with confidence and courage, knowing that I am never alone, and that the love of our heavenly Father surrounds me always.

May your protection serve as a constant reminder of the infinite blessings that flow from God’s divine love, and may your guidance illuminate the path before me, guiding me towards a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and joy. In your holy name, I place my trust and my faith, knowing that with your divine intercession, all things are possible

Oh, Archangel Raguel, divine arbiter of justice and defender against malevolent forces, I humbly beseech thee to shield me from the influences of darkness that seek to obstruct the work of God’s Holy Spirit within me. Protect me from the snares and temptations of the world that lead me astray from the path of righteousness and hinder the manifestation of God’s divine will in my life.

Grant me the discernment to recognize and avoid those influences that seek to lead me away from the power of your word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Keep me grounded in the truth of your teachings, oh Archangel Raguel, that I may remain steadfast in my faith and unwavering in my commitment to serving the will of God.

Guide me, oh holy one, in pursuing actions that will strengthen me against the forces of evil. Illuminate the path before me with the light of your divine wisdom, that I may walk confidently in the footsteps of righteousness and resist the allure of sin and temptation. May your presence be a beacon of hope and inspiration, leading me towards a life of virtue, integrity, and holiness.

As I surrender myself unto thee, oh Archangel Raguel, I place my trust in your divine protection and guidance. Keep me safe from harm, oh holy defender, and lead me ever closer to the radiant presence of God’s love and grace. 

Oh, Archangel Raguel, mighty protector and guardian of divine justice, I humbly implore thee to defend me from all those who seek to harm me, both physically and spiritually. Surround me with your powerful presence, shielding me from the malevolent forces that lurk in the shadows and stand against God’s intentions for my life.

Grant me the strength and courage to stand firm in the face of adversity, oh holy Archangel, and to resist the temptations and deceitful persuasions of those who would lead me astray from the path of righteousness. Keep me steadfast in my commitment to following God’s will and walking in accordance with His divine plan for my life.

With your divine protection and guidance, oh Archangel Raguel, I trust that I am safe from harm and free from the influence of those who would seek to lead me down a path of darkness and destruction. Keep me away from the company of those whose intentions are not aligned with God’s intentions, and shield me from their harmful words and actions.

As I entrust myself unto thee, oh Archangel Raguel, I pray that you will intercede on my behalf and protect me from all harm and danger. Lead me away from temptation and guide me towards the path of righteousness, that I may walk confidently in the light of God’s love and grace. 

In the praised name of Archangel Raguel, Amen, 

I extend my thankfulness and conclude this prayer. 

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