Monkey Reading 63



The ninth animal in the Chinese Horoscope is a fast learner. Those born under this animal sign are naturally curious and enjoy acquiring new knowledge and skills. On the bad side, they also have a love for mischief and practical jokes.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

The Law of Attraction is at work today. Certain goals and targets you may have been imagining for the past few years are about to manifest into reality. Any plans you may have that involve growing your wealth or career may have a great chance for success, too. This is a period of great opportunity that must not be taken for granted. Make use of it to get ahead.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Your search for a romantic partner need not go very far today. A secret lover or admirer may just be there under your nose. It could be a former friend, a classmate, a childhood friend, coworker, or even one of your own customers. Keep your eyes open, and learn to read the signs. Welcome them in when you have confirmed it yourself. There are also people who secretly look after your interests without your knowing. Learn to acknowledge them if you start to take notice. Growing your circle of friends is an important task for this time.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Check your thoughts and feelings for today. It could well be that you have been feeling under the weather for some time, or that you have been getting sick without any proper explanation. Any negative thoughts you have been keeping or bad feelings you have been holding back could be manifesting as physical problems. Try to cheer up and focus on something more positive, or at least get help to deal with the roots of your negative mental state. That is one way of protecting your actual physical wellbeing from any unexplained conditions.

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