Your Spiritual Wellness For Today

Your Spiritual Wellness For Today

When we talk about spiritual wellness what is the first thought which comes to your mind? Have you ever wondered why you are becoming more stable emotionally day by day from the past? You may have noticed that you have become more confident, courageous, well-mannered, and bold. You are having all these sensations because you are spiritually well. You are experiencing the effects of a well-balanced spirit. You understand your emotions well and enjoy your own company. You don’t expect from others mostly that’s why you are happy in your bubble. 

You have a powerful connection with your anima” and start your day with a certain aim. Your path towards success may not be easy but you will stay focused during your journey and will eventually achieve your goals successfully. You will receive positive news regarding your job soon. You have a great sense of humor therefore your fellows enjoy your company and seek comfort from you.  You may feel a warm and positive vibe among your family members. Your connection with your creator is becoming stronger bit by bit. You acknowledge the fact that instead of blaming others for your actions and losses you let yourself learn from your mistakes.

 Overall, you are physically fit, that’s why you are very active and perky. When you are feeling down and low you keep it to yourself instead of reaching out to someone for emotional support. Every human being in this world is dependent on others directly or indirectly for survival. It is a law of nature that no one denies. Living your life according to the will of God will immensely bring calmness and stability to your life. It is evident from past experiences that actions against the law of nature bring despair and devastation. Thus, all of us need to maintain balance in our spirit.

Meaning of spirituality:

Spiritual wellness means discovering the meaning and purpose of your life and grasping the values, beliefs and morals which guide your actions. Spirituality is like a ray of hope and sunshine in your dull, gloomy, and dark life which will outshine all negative feelings within you. Spirituality is the deepest part of you that gives meaning and purpose to your life. Spirituality helps people to overcome insecurities and promote reasonable values and emotional health. The effects of spiritual negligence are subtle. 

High vibrations Vs low vibrations:

Even a slight change and imbalance in your spirit impacts your life notably. You should give priority to your spiritual health above other things because if you are spiritually fit you will be optimistic about your future and live your life peacefully.

High Vibrations

  • You are creative and your mind is full of unique ideas and inspiration.
  • You are emotionally stable and well balanced
  • You feel a strong sense of connection to your (e.g., life, divinity)
  • Your heart is full of contentment and tranquility.

        Low vibrations

  • You are pessimistic about life 
  • You focus mainly on the negative aspects of life.
  • You have a feeble sense of gratitude.
  • You complain a lot.
  • You have very poor decision power.
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