Angel Message Of The Day : Choose Your Words



Beloved one, speak kindly to yourself. You have to know that everyone deserves your respect and kindness, including yourself. Do not look down on yourself, and remember to show compassion and love. You are an important person in this world, and you have to be gentle to yourself, too. Give yourself compassion just as you will give to other people. Give yourself the love you deserve, and you can do this through words of affirmation.


Speak kindly to others. When you talk to other people, you have to remember that everyone is going through their own journey. That is why you should never forget to speak kindly to everyone you will be communicating with. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that words can never be taken away once said. You have to remember that these words hold importance and will be something that can make or break a person. You have to be careful with how you talk so that people around you will be careful of their words, too. 


Speak your truth with kindness, with love, with compassion. When you are speaking your truth, you can always say it in the kindest way as much as possible. You should remember to be the bigger person at all times. If there are things that you need to say, you have to choose to be kind to whom you will say those words too. People deserve kindness from you. If there are things you would like to know, you have to ask with love in your heart. Everyone deserves love from you and should not be persecuted if there are things you would want to know. If there are things you would like to express, show compassion. Others who will hear your words should be treated with goodness, regardless of who they are. 


Be not afraid to express that which needs to be expressed. Even if you are trying to say something uncomfortable, as long as it needs to be expressed, you have to say it. As long as you say your truth with the goodness in your heart and your words, then you should speak it. Show the words that people should truly hear, but do not forget to show the greatness of your heart at the same time. Express what you will need to express so you will not regret not taking the chance.


Be not afraid of another’s reaction or non-reaction, for, in the end, words not spoken simply wither within your heart, your mind. When you are able to say what you want to, you will gain the peace of mind for finally addressing your concerns. Even if the person will react or will not react at all is no longer in your control. Those are the things that you can no longer sway. That is why you still have to express your concerns.


Choose your words carefully. In choosing carefully, you honor yourself and those around you. All things in all situations contain a gift of peace or dis-harmony, love or fear, of lack or abundance. You have to give respect to everything and everyone around you. May it be a kid, someone your age, or someone elderly, you have to give respect and show kindness through your words. Wherever you will go with life and whomever you meet, you have to be gentle and meek. 


Words unspoken are gifts not given. If you do not speak your words, you will not be able to affirm. That is why you have to let people know, whatever necessary words you deem fit, what you truly feel. Express it not only with actions but through words as well, and this is an important part.


It is true some words are best left unsaid. Those left unsaid create the opportunity for harmony, peacefulness, forgiveness, compassion, and healing. There are things that should no longer be mentioned and for a good reason. If these words will no longer serve your purpose and will not be beneficial, this should no longer be said. 


Choose your words this day. Be careful of what you will say and how you say it. Try to be the bigger person, and show light and love wherever you go.

Amanda Cooper

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