Angel Message Of The Day : Gift Of Choice



There is much to see. There is a lot to explore around the world. Because of our sense of sight, we will get to explore life through our eyes and see what matters most. There is much to sense. There is a lot that we can sense and feel. With this being said, we will learn more about life when we use our gut feeling and senses. Rely on your instincts, and let things flow as you do not have control of every aspect of the world. Carry on.


There is much to acknowledge. There is much to accept. When you acknowledge your feelings, you will be able to learn about the world. You have to acknowledge what you are feeling, be aware of it, and then accept it. Only in that way will you be able to learn more about yourself. There is much to discard. There is much to heal. When you discard a feeling or a thought that is no longer serving you, you will be able to heal fully. When there is healing, you will be able to accept all the things that are coming your way. 

There is much to rejoice for in all things, all people, and all situations are blessings regardless of appearances, regardless of circumstances. Even if you feel like you are not in the best position at this moment, there are lots to be grateful for. Continuously seek the best things in life, and be grateful for everything else that you have at this moment so that you will not lose your way and you will be continuously humble. Celebrate the little to the biggest things in life so that you will feel gratitude for all the blessings you have received.


There is much which is seen and unseen. There is much love and fear. There is much light and darkness. The choice is yours, each moment of every day. Life is always full of mystery, and you have to remember that you always have a choice. Will you choose to focus on the love that is within you, or will you let yourself be filled with fear that you will be paralyzed to not do anything else? Will you choose to focus on the light so that you will feel the hope and be guided in life, or will you focus on the darkness where there is no hope in sight? Choose what is best for you. You have to always remember this. 


You have a treasured gift of choice. You always have the choice of which path you are taking. You have to choose what is best for you so that you will know what to choose next. Focus on what makes your heart sing and where you will be at peace. Continue to choose what is good for you so that you will flourish. You are always free to choose whatever you want, but know that there is always a choice not to be bound by the darkness any longer. 


You have a choice between staying in the shadows and stepping into the light. Remember that you always have the option to loom in the darkness and let it fester. However, you have the option to make your life better and choose the light where you will thrive. You do not have to dwell on the things that no longer serve you. Instead, focus on the things that will let you grow into a better person. Choose the option where you will be filling your heart with love and warmth. 

You have a choice between forgiveness and anger. You have a choice between joy and sorrow. You have a choice between acceptance and denial. You have a choice to heal or remain where you are. You have to choose forgiveness so that you can finally have peace in your heart. Try to choose joy so that you can find what you are seeking for eternal happiness. You have to choose acceptance so that you will be able to finally acquire the clarity in your heart and mind where you will get to receive what comes next. Let things flow, and choose the things that will lead you to a better path. You have a choice.

Amanda Cooper

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