Archangel Raphael’s Love Life Guidance v9

Archangel Raphael's Love Guidance

Have you grown tired, discouraged and dejected as a result of the extensive wait as well as things not transpiring the way you envisaged it to be?

Despite the innumerable prayers for guidance and gratitude that have been offered, countless dating applications and software used, you could feel as though nothing has been changing as of late and even if a difference occurs, it is as distinguishable or not what you had hoped it would be and this will lead to your disappointment and hopelessness, as if the universe has forsaken you for good.

These are common occurrences when one sets off in in pursuit of a partner whom they can share their pain and pleasure, sadness and joy, through sickness and health, one that the Divine Source will bestow upon you in a holy matrimony and will later on provide you your long sought for warmth of a home.

Such difficulties are not and will never be meaningless just for these tortures and sufferings, hurdles and challenges are designed for you to confront therefore becoming a leverage to further build you up in the person you have envisioned and wished to be.

You must remain firm and resilient in the face of adversity for surviving through countless obstacles and difficulties will help you refine the person who can unconditionally share and reciprocate the perfect love, and foremost, will significantly help you in finding the person the universe has entrusted you to.

You may have heard of the sanctity of miracles manifested by the celestial beings yet many are the attributes the Archangel Raphael is known and revered for.

Being the significant intercessor of divine healing, his benevolence flourishes as it continues through generous providence for the ones in need, lost, vulnerable, unfortunate, in pain, and in solitude. His loving presence is felt most through the comforting healing and solace for the sick, protection and guidance for those who will embark on a journey and clarity and wisdom for individuals in pursuit of a lifelong partner.

Putting faith in Archangel Raphael, as he appeals on your behave to the Divine Source, could also provide you with the much needed courage and support as he is credited for love and healing for many centuries and for the years to come as he has been held responsible for many whom he has guided in their own love story.

Relying solely on divine intervention would prove useless as you are the only one who can take full control of your life, such existence is there to come to your aid to guide and assist you in whatever circumstance you are in that requires a more potent involvement.

However, you must keep in mind that it is you who has the final call on the matter and the choices you have made and shall make will significantly influence the days ahead.

You must not take for granted your two best weapons towards the realization of your dreams.

The heart and mind are synchronized elements of a powerful yet magnificently unified energies towards the fruition of your deepest desires, therefore, it will be best to steer clear of ideas that will invoke negative forces because your heart and mind have great potential to transform your ideas into reality and may be pulled to it as well.

Put all of your effort into what really counts, and have faith that everything will come to you and you alone, if not right away but eventually for all things will fall into their rightful places at the right time, therefore, have patience and faith.

Take initiative and make every single day a chance for you to show your gratitude and improve to a more efficient member of the community for this is a chance to persevere, pray earnestly and invoke the holy presence of the

Archangel Raphael so that he could also be able to embody a lawyer on your behalf, being an advocate for your welfare and a protector against potential danger, so you may not be easily assaulted, fooled, nor led astray.

Address the supreme Divine Source on your behalf while possessing faith that cannot be shaken by temptation, deceit, nor trickery. Should you come across such situations further causing confusion and woe, keep in mind that these are trials the heavens has set upon you to overcome.

Do not be overwhelmed as you are more than what you give yourself credit for. Believe that there are many things the Divine Source has blessed you with that await your arrival, giving you further firmness and willingness for your journey ahead.

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