CANCER 3 What makes you fall out of love?



What makes you fall out of love?


The fourth astrological sign known as the Cancer, a water sign, is recognized for their emotional depth, sensitivity, and nurturing nature, qualities that are adored by everyone, especially by people they hold dear in their life. When it comes to love, they are incredibly affectionate, loyal, and supportive partners who will go to great lengths to ensure that their love is conveyed and felt by their family, friends, and foremost, their significant other. However, when they fall out of love, it can be a difficult and challenging process for them as well as their partner as this brings tension and strain on both parties involved. This water bearer Crab is a sign known for their complexity and can fall out of love for a variety of reasons and is heavily influenced by a number of factors. One of the primary reasons is a lack of emotional intimacy which is perceived as an absolute mayhem for their strong desire for romantic deeds through intimacy. Cancer individuals need to feel a deep connection with their partner at all times and regardless of the circumstances or distance, both intellectually and emotionally. If they feel like their partner is not fully devoted to providing them the emotional needs they require, does not understand them, or is not supportive, their feelings for that person can fade over time. Additionally, failure to comply with their needs will automatically bring forth feelings of being unappreciated or neglected. Since Cancer individuals are very caring and nurturing people, they expect the same in return. If they feel like their partner is taking them for granted, or not showing them the love and affection they need, they may begin to question the purpose of relationship and will gradually lose interest in maintaining it

Valuing stability and security within a relationship is the Crab’s foundation in forging a lasting relationship. If they feel like their relationship is constantly changing, or if they are uncertain about the future due to their partner’s unpredictability, they may fall out of love at any time. Since this sign desires to be enlightened of the status and future of their relationship, whether they have a solid foundation with their partner or not, and is in constant need to feel like their relationship is secure, transparency and honesty will be important for them. They may lose interest otherwise and begin to look for someone who can provide the stability they need. Additionally, Cancer is sensitive and takes things deeply to heart, especially when it comes to their relationships. If they feel like their partner is unkind or critical, it can wound them, soul-deep, and instantly cause them to fall out of love. They need a partner who is understanding, supportive, and kind, and if they do not feel like these elements will not be provided by their spouse, they will start to lose interest in the relationship.

Cancer people often hang onto connections and memories for a very long time, so coming to this reality can be challenging. However, if they believe they have outgrown their relationship, they might stop loving each other and start looking for a partner who more closely matches who they are right now.

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