Coffee Cup Readings Mountain Meaning 1

Today's Coffee Reading


Meaning 1:


The Universe is telling you that not all is easy. A mountain of challenges is blocking your way. Gird your loins and flex your strength, you will be tested to the limits now. Expect some difficulties when doing your career and financial plans. Do not give up when the going is tough, but learn to rest when your energy is being drained. Have some confidence in the skills you already have. All these difficulties will soon pass.

Your lovelife may take a beating also. You will encounter issues with yourself that prevent you from finding a partner, or if you are already in a relationship, expect difficulties that can strain your interactions to a certain point. A bit of patience, with some self reflection and actual changes to one’s behavior can go a long way in overcoming these. Your health and well being may need a review. Probably some bad habits, or some problems with your mind and body that need your immediate attention are coming into forefront. Deal with them as best as you can, and you will come out better than before.

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