Pisces season, time to close a cycle

The Pisces season is the time to close a cycle that represents the end of the astrological year since it is the 12th sign of the Zodiac and one of the most difficult to understand.

Although it represents a closure, it is not an end itself but rather a transformation, a look inside to connect with everything that was happening during that cycle that culminated and that had begun with the pandemic.

Pisces, being the number 12 of the Zodiac, includes the other 11, so looking inward and around at the same time. Observing what the environment brings us, what is happening with society, and how others feel because the collective is going through us more and more.

How Pisces influences the entire Zodiac

In this season, Pisces infects us with empathy, invites us to put ourselves in the shoes of others. Sometimes we do not pay attention to the needs of others because we are distracted or absorbed in our own problems and, perhaps, someone cries out for help only with their eyes and we are not able to realize it.

Sometimes, you have to turn off the ego a bit for Pisces to grow and connect with others. If we all give in a little bit, that vertical gap begins to narrow and it begins to approach a much more horizontal plane.

We are in a painful moment as humanity and it is necessary that we can begin to empathize with other realities and break down the barriers of the system, narrow the privilege gap, and widen that of sharing.

Meaning of the 12th house in this Pisces season

It may be that when looking at your birth chart you see that there is nothing of Pisces in it but you also have to consider other things. For example, the 12th house (Pisces) is the house of retirement and isolation, as a more spiritual matter and other components to look at can be Neptune, Mars, and Venus.

Moon in Pisces

People with the Moon in Pisces have a question with childhood and with what has to do with the internal and with how they feel safe in this Pisces mode. In general, there is a childhood full of very Piscean components such as fantasy and dreams.

There is not much explicit communication with the family but it is intuitively perceived, noticing when something is happening. Developing this Piscean intuition from a very young age can bring many talents throughout life.

Balance the talents of the Moon, turn to the tools

A great talent of the Moon is being able to perceive and absorb everything that is in the environment, but that can also bring a lot of confusion. Being a sponge of everything that surrounds you can make you lose yourself in others or in your own fantasies, so it is good to see how it combines with the rest of the letter to find a component that helps to set limits.

Pay attention to the entire birth chart to be able to use the tools that help us to root and return to reality. Take from her the tool I need for the earth, fire, and air that will make us see things more from outside the water.

Let’s talk about the planets

The Sun is increasingly joining Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, and then the Moon and Venus are to be added.

All of these planets deal with the inner, the receptive, the loving, and the spiritual. The Sun, illuminating them, can attract our gaze there. We are going through a time of great receptivity where the internal, the spiritual, the artistic, and the sensitive will occupy the center of the scene.

What can happen to us these days?

❤ Internalization: observe what happens in your invisible world, the emotional one. Good time to start therapy, a session of tarot, reiki or connect with feelings.

❤ Art: Pisce’s inspiration comes from unconventional languages. It is time to paint, draw, listen to music, play an instrument, or writing fictional stories.

❤ Empathy and compassion: love in action. You can take the opportunity to join a collective cause that resonates with you.

❤ Revealing dreams: write them down! There may be a lot of subconscious information coming out through this resource.

❤ Meditation: Ideal to start meditating or reconnect with that experience.

⚠️ Escape: going to fantasy worlds is better than seeing the world as it is, that is why excess substances, naps, or some visual content may also appear.

⚠️ Idealization: without realizing it, you can go through many disappointments for having fantasized too much, even if you also fall many chips on expectations that you exaggerated.

⚠️ Disorder: lack of organization, very little perception of the outside and reality.

⚠️ Projections: pay attention to what you say to others, there may be a lot of information about what happens to you.

There is also a lot of Aquarius energy that flies us more and can mentally overload us. The key is to observe ourselves and compensate with the opposite: Virgo. Eating in an orderly way and maintaining healthy routines can help us to live all this with awareness and to generate very beautiful internal connections.

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