Angel Message Of The Day : Awakening Your Senses

Angel Prince of the South 


Step into the light of Divine Source. Step into the light, out of the shadow of perceived darkness and fear based thoughts.  


Allow that which is within to shine forth, radiating the magnificence of your core essence.  

Breathe deeply all that is of light and love for you is perfect, whole and complete.  


Begin this moment seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and touching with an open heart, an open mind.  


Open your heart and mind to experiencing pleasure, joy, bliss.  


Allow Earthly realm pleasures to guide you to your true essence of love and light


Free your thoughts from Earthly realm limitations.  


Limitation is that which appears to hold you from all that you are.  

Close your eyes, listen … listen … What do you hear?  


Sit in the stillness; hear the many sounds that surround you.  


Open your mind, your thoughts … go within, hear your inner voice clearly … it may be but a whisper.  Listen, for in the listening you will know yourself more easily, more completely. 


Now imagine reaching out to touch something … close your eyes, feel the sensations in the tips of your fingers.  


Do you choose to taste that which you eat?  


Are you tasting fully that which you feed your physical body for sustenance? 


Do you give freely of yourself to you and to others?  


As you open your eyes, what do you see about you?  

Do you take time to see?  


There are many gifts for your viewing pleasure.  


How shall you choose to awaken this day?

Amanda Cooper

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