Angel Message Of The Day : Inner Peace

Archangel Zaphiel


Open your heart. When you fully open your heart, you will fully see your potential. There would be no judgment and negativity. Instead, your heart will be full of compassion, kindness, and understanding. There is a different kind of peace that you will get once you open your heart. There would be inner peace. You will have the clarity that you have been seeking. Open your mind to all that is. Open your heart. Open your mind to that which has come before. When you are at peace with yourself, you can embrace all of what has happened. At the same time, there would be a chance to embrace what comes next for you. You should always remember that there is a lot that is in store for you. Waiting patiently with serenity would let you be relaxed. You will no longer have to be restless while thinking about what comes next, but instead, you will feel assured and content.

Light a pale blue candle. Call upon Archangel Zaphiel to fill your heart with softness, filling your heart with forgiveness, filling your heart with Divine Love, and Light. People may believe that being soft in this tough world may be counterproductive. However, be assured that the softness of your heart is a strength that you will carry. Being soft only means that you are gentle to people around you, as they deserve. This means you are choosing to be the bigger person, and this will only entail goodness and spreading love and light to the world. When you fill your heart with forgiveness, you are not only freeing the person you are forgiving of the guilt that they are carrying, but also you will free yourself. You would be free of hatred and guilt of any form, you will no longer be bound by the past issues that you have been through and you can come stronger than ever. When you fill your heart with Love and Light, there will be hope, compassion, and kindness in all that you will do. Spreading the greatness that has been given to you will never feel so good. 


Let not the ego speak for you. Please do not forget to be gentle in the harsh world we are living in. You have to not let pride get away from the words that you are speaking. You have to remember that being soft and kind to others does not cost anything, and will also result in a peaceful life. At the same time, you have to be gentle with the way you speak your words as words bring so much effect on a person. Remember that when you talk, you have to talk with compassion and understanding. 


Let not the ego direct your ways. Please do not forget to think before you act toward others. It may sound like a great idea to inflict harm to others as they have caused you. However, this should not be the way that you think. You have to remember that revenge may seem enticing at first but it will never do you good. Instead, you have to let forgiveness reign upon you. You have to choose peace in a world that is harsh so that you will grow into a better person. 


Let not the ego distract you. Inner peace is a knowing, a knowing which fills your Soul, defining your very essence. There is only love in this place, know this to be your truth for there is only light there is only love. You have to choose love and peace over hatred and chaos, you have to choose light and forgiveness over darkness and revenge. You must remember that you always have a choice, if you seek to wallow in sadness and hurt or if you will choose to move forward in life and leave all that came before you. Rest assured that the doubt and fear that you have been feeling will no longer take hold of you if you let the Love and Light in. There should always be a space in your heart for the Love and Light, and you will prosper and thrive in your journey.


Doubt and fear have no place where inner peace and harmony reign. Travel this day in peace and harmony.

Amanda Cooper

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