Angel Message Of The Day : Interwoven Connectedness

Archangel Haniel 


Know your true Inner-Essence.  Know your thoughts, your emotions.  All that is made manifest in the physical realm is a reflection of knowing your Inner-Self. 


Your core essence is peacefulness, harmony, joy.  


Balance the outer physical self with the Inner-Self.  In seeking your Inner-Self, a sense of knowing expands within you. 

The expansion of light and love create within and without a stronger connection with Divine Source.  


In reality there is no separation between Divine Source and all that is made manifest in the physical realm.  


Ego-chitter chatter creates the illusion of separation.  All things, all places, all of humankind is connected with one another, interwoven through Divine Source.  

There is no separation; there is only connection with Divine Source and the Angelic Realm.  Call upon me and my brethren, we shall open your inner pathways to all that you are, for you are whole, complete and perfect now at this moment.  


How shall you choose to experience peace and harmony on this day?

Amanda Cooper

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