Divine Number 4 -Part 3

Divine Number 4 - Part 3

Miracles of unbounding wonders find their way into your doorstep. This is a day to celebrate for as angels are within the vicinity; watching your days unfold with you, protecting you from any harm and guiding you towards the right path. Have you noticed the increasing frequency of coming across sets or patterns of the number 4 as of late? Encountering this divine number may be presented in various forms; it is 4:44 in the afternoon so you should be preparing to make your way home; the shirt you have been longing to purchase for quite some time is on sale until today, marked down at $4.44; a relative of yours had just received the plate number of their newly purchased auto and it is DMA 4444. This is a representation signifying the divine intervention by the heavenly beings that shall be imposed in your life, a change that will bring about highly favored words of good news. You need not worry about the misfortunes that may be thrown at you as the angels will provide directive means of protection by guiding you towards the right path. Fret not as you are only being informed to persist to accomplish your goals. Perseverance will bring you to new heights of establishing stronger foundations, partnership and professionalism. This is an important aspect to consider as perseverance is a manifestation of commitment and devotion, defining traits that shall be rewarded with tremendous blessing if done so in a consistent fashion. Bear in mind that divine timing is also a divine intervention bestowed upon by the ascended beings, therefore, you must remain patient and resilient at all times

Have you felt that irksome feeling of depletion continuously draining you despite being completely rested? Your encounter with this divine number is also an indication that the presence of the angels is a means to replenish your energy as preparation of oneself for the day’s work as well as encourage you to initiate as often as possible and in any situation you will be placed in. It is important that you remain determined, practical and diligent, keeping in mind that every step taken towards growth is progress, regardless of how little or insignificant they may seem for you. Masters of omnipotence are regarded as powerful beings capable of creating miracles out of nothingness. As humans are physically incapable of such, the angels have found ways to revolutionize the ways of our life through spiritual guidance and divine implementation. It is further conveyed that everything is possible, attainable even, with perseverance and the unyielding drive to work towards its fruition. It is important that you invest time, energy and effort to fulfill the conditions required in the acquisition of your goals. Hence, as you are born for things of utmost greatness you must respond with the unwavering passion to work towards your goal for it will eventually yield favorable results.

There is no such thing as a coincidence as everything happens for a reason. Your encounter with this divine number is reflective of the angels’ intents and desires in bestowing you their divine support while you undergo the dire process of establishing priorities, setting goals, recalling the true origin of life and associating it with our activities of daily living and cultivating skill sets and lasting infrastructures as instruments to be utilized during your pursuit. As this will prove to be overwhelming, you are being urged to not shy away from help and instead should seek assistance if need be. Bear in mind that “no man is an island” and that sharing the burden and workload with the individuals who excel in that particular field will significantly boost your chances in achieving your goals at the soonest possible time. Have faith that such situations you have been led to are overseen by the heavenly beings and will bring about good news of prosperity, abundance and triumphant success. The center of your focus must be towards your goals no matter how difficult it may become for these challenging times are part of the process and a warning that you must always be prepared for. You must remember that even the tiniest amount of effort poured will eventually amount to something more if you consistently initiate and persist towards your goals.

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