Health – The Magic of your Inner World Creates DP

The Magician

the magician

Health – The Magic of your Inner World Creates Health

 You realize this after some time. You were very lively during the happiest moments of your life. Your Health was rosy when your inner thoughts were at their rosiest. Now look back at the instances when you were really feeling bad. Remember when you were worried, anxious, or feeling guilty about something? What was it like for you when your mind was focused on all the negativity out there? Yes, you had low energy and vigor. You had strange symptoms, and it seems that you were catching more bugs than usual. Many true Magicians know the power of the inner world, of spells cast by your thoughts and emotions. It works on everything, including your body. Check yourself, and see what kind of internal programming did you install. If it is mostly dark and you are starting to get sick, then you need to change things. Feed your mind with something uplifting. Keep your harmful emotions in check. Fix those issues that get you upset before they literally make you unhealthy. It is time to cast the spell that returns life to your weakened self.  

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