Angel Message Of The Day : Be Willing



Be willing to step beyond that which is known. You have to choose the path where you will thrive. You have to be willing to take what is right for you and go for it so that you will further grow into the person you ought to be. Continue to carry on with your journey, and choose what the right choice that you should have chosen beforehand is. All of the opportunities will come to you as long as you choose what is right for you.


Be willing to step beyond that which is safe. Choose what will be better for you so that you will thrive in a place where there is warmth and love. You have to trust your instincts so that you will fall into the right place. Choose whatever your heart says.


Be willing to step into the light. You have to choose light over anything else. Continue to focus on the things that should matter to you so that you will not lose sight of yourself. Step into the light so that only good things will come from now on. You have to give yourself a chance to have a positive outlook in life so that you can be a better person than who you are at this moment.


Be willing to step out of shadow and darkness. As much as you were hurt or disappointed about the past, you have to step out and focus on what is next for yourself. When you are in the shadow, you will not be able to see your full potential, and you will always look at the past you have been through. Do not let the shadow hinder you any longer, leave it be so that you will be able to step into the light. At the same time, do not let the darkness manifest into something else. You have to release all of the negative thoughts that you may have so you can prosper in life.


Be willing to shed that which no longer serves you. It serves your highest and best good. Choose to be free of all of the negative things that loom in your heart. It is no longer worth your time; hence, you should let it go already so you can feel better. You no longer have to let them have a space in your heart. Instead, you should put good things within your heart and soul so that they will be nourished the right way.


Be willing to cover yourself in the Light of the Divine Source. You have to let the light radiate and let yourself free with the light you are in. Be willing to trust, having faith that all which no longer is has fallen from you, making way for that which is before you. There is a lot to explore in this world, and you will have all the time to journey through it. Trust that all will be well, and have faith that all that you desire will come through.


Be willing to step away from what was, stepping towards what is coming. You have to let go of the past already so that you will no longer be bound by this. You have to step forward instead and accept what life is going to offer you. There is more to life than what you are feeling at this moment, and you have to let the important things take hold of your heart.


Do not be afraid, for you are whole, complete, and perfect now at this moment. You are more than enough, and you should not let anything hinder your growth. Continue to explore what is next for you and be willing to take the step in the right direction. Rest assured that clarity will be given to you soon, and you should no longer look back, especially on the things that harmed you.


Be willing to expand your knowledge beyond your comfort zone. Be willing to try out new things so that you can explore better. When you are willing to take that step, you will be able to let your guard down. In turn, more doors will open for you, which means more opportunities will be given. Continue to explore the world as you are.

Amanda Cooper

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