Angel Message Of The Day : Crossroads Before You

Angel of Mercy, Purity, and Truth 


The crossroads before you is nothing more, nothing less; it is another form of choice. When you check the crossroads, you have to weigh your options carefully. Understand that whatever path you will take, it should ultimately be your choice. There is no better or worse choice when choosing your path. Just the path that you are willing to take. You have to choose between your options and realize the path that you will be taking.


Yet it is all there is at this moment. This is your current situation, and you have to acknowledge what you are going through. Continue on this path so that you will no longer worry about what comes after. You are here right at this very moment. Focus on what is happening today so that you will be ready for what is next. You have lots of things to look forward to in your life.

The place in which you find yourself is all-consuming, consuming thoughts, emotions, and actions. That which appears to be loss, rejection, or the seemingly instantaneous manifestation of consequences beyond your control is a blessing. You have to remember that even if you believe that you are on the right path already, there is a better path coming your way, and this is a blessing. Even if you do not admit that you are struggling in your current situation, know that everyone is here for you, wishing you all the very best.


Our words may sound harsh, beloved one, do not despair, for that which is before you beckons you to trust, have faith, and express gratitude for where you are, for you shall not be long in this place of discomfort. You will eventually feel better, too. It may not be at this moment, but not as soon as possible. However, the place of comfort and understanding will soon be yours. You have to keep going even if your current situation is not the most ideal. Push yourself and pull through. You will be able to make it at the end of the tunnel.


Look to the dawning of each new day bringing with it the choice to start again, the choice to forgive, the choice to move forward with grace and dignity. When a new day is made, know that this is another opportunity to spread goodness and choose love and light instead of being bitter about the past. We always have this choice to be happy and to choose peace within ourselves. You have to know that serenity, where you no longer have to second guess yourself and your feelings, where you do not harbor awful feelings any longer, will help you a lot.

We ask you to be kind, nurture yourself in the days ahead for you, cleanse from you all that no longer is, clearing the way for all that is and all that is yet to be. Cleanse yourself with the goodness within your soul. Remember that peace is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Let it all flow within you, and focus on the love and light instead. Choose peace over anything else, that is what you deserve. You have to focus on the good things instead so that you will no longer be held back by the negativity of the past.


Not all which manifests is of your choosing or your actions. Even if you do not want things to happen, you sometimes do not have any control over them. That’s alright. Remember to let go of these actions. You do not have any control. Embrace what is already there, and continue on with your journey.


Forgive, release, and embrace all that is given you, for, in the acceptance, you flow peacefully along the journey before you. Once you let go of the bad things in your life, they will no longer have a hold on you. This means you will be able to carry on with your journey and the next. You will be able to accept the next blessings that are meant for you. Do not let the hurt and other negative feelings hold you down from what you are meant to get. Continue you on the crossroads before you.

Amanda Cooper

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