Angel Message Of The Day : New Beginnings

Guardian Angel of New Beginnings


This is the day the Lord hath made. When we talk about new beginnings, what comes to your mind? You have to make sure of every day that is given to you so that you can fully utilize the gift that has been given. Please make sure that you are radiating love and light wherever you go. On the day that is given to you, you have to show how grateful you are for having the opportunity to prove yourself every day. At the same time, you have to prove that you are doing your very best to make yourself a better version of yourself. Make use of the present, and it has been given to you so you can continue to improve yourself. 


How shall you honor the child within? How shall you nurture all that is within you this day? The spark of Divinity within yearns to be expressed. You have to continuously nurture the blessings that have been given to you. Continue to speak of gratitude and appreciation towards what you have now. At the same time, you have to make use of all that has been given, such as the blessings you are receiving day to day. Make use of every day that has been given to you, and do your very best so that you will only fill your own with love and light. When you bask in the love and light, everything will feel like they are in harmony and peace within your heart and soul. 

The spark of Divinity within yearns to be nurtured with love. Love is the ultimate answer to all, and you have to nurture what is deep within with love. Continue to fill your heart and soul with love so that you will only feel and spread goodness all over. Furthermore, you are the only one with the power to manifest what you truly desire in this world. Hence, you should be careful with how you will facilitate your ideals and goals. At the same time, you have to trust the whole process so that you will acquire what you truly want in this world. Encourage your innermost self with love so that you will only bear fruit of goals and aspirations that stems from love.


Plant the seeds of your desires, tend them, weed out the ego voice, water these precious seeds with light and love, visions of completion — remember to rejoice along the journey. The journey of reaching your goals is one of the most important. With this, you will certainly understand life better, and you will know more about yourself. At the same time, you will get lessons that will continue to hone and shape you as a person. Continue to carry on with the voyage that you have so that you will fulfill your goals and aspirations. When you plant and seed and take care of it with the utmost care, you will reap the fruits of this labor. You will get what you want too. Just remember to hold onto the whole process and do not let go of it, even if there are times that it may seem impossible. 

Go forth, and plant the seeds of your innermost desires. Then, delight in the growth before you on this day. When you are determined to make a change in your life by reaching your goals and what you truly desire in this world, it will all make a difference. You have to make sure that you will plant the seeds of what you truly desire the most so that you can power through to achieve them. At the same time, the seed that you have planted will continue to grow until it reaches the time that it will bear fruit. When it does, you will finally get to achieve the fruit of your labor, your goals, and your aspirations that have been inspiring you to achieve. You have the power to make use of the chance given to you for this seed to grow. Make use of this power and make sure that the seeds you have planted will grow into what you are trying to achieve. Carry on with your journey today.

Amanda Cooper

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