Angel Message Of The Day : Tears Of Thanksgiving



Do not weep for things beyond your understanding. You have to remember that you cannot control everything. This means accepting that you do not have any control over what other people may do or what will happen in the future. You have to fully trust that all will be well in time. You can never know what will come next. Accept the fact that you are only part of the process.


Do not weep for what has come before. You have to let go of the things that happened in the past. Do not cry over it any longer. Remember that all things happen for a reason. You are meant for greater things, and you should no longer focus on the spilled milk. What has happened before may have its purpose. All you have to do is not to forget, but ultimately, you should learn to forgive this past already


Do not weep in fear of the unknown. You have to accept all that is to come. That means you have to prioritize what you want in the future. Do not be afraid of what will happen next. Rest assured that you will find what you are looking for, too. You have so much to look forward to with life. Do not fear the future. Rather, accept it with open arms


Instead, beloved child, weep tears of joy, for the horizon is much closer than it appears. Weep tears of celebration for all but a breath from where you are. Be grateful for having the gift of life. Every day you have the power to control your life and make it a bit better. 


Weep tears of gratitude for your many blessings. You have to look around yourself and focus on the good things that you currently have now. You have to focus on the good things so that you can truly see how you have been. We should appreciate each and every blessing we have gotten. We should appreciate even the smallest of things that come into our lives to make them better. Let us keep our focus on how we can say our gratitude for life.


Weep tears of love. Love heals all. Please know that when you let love be the center of your life, you will feel warm all over. It will heal all of the past wounds and what you are going through. Let the love spread out not only to you but to the other people surrounding you. Focus on positive reinforcement in your life so that you will be filled with warmth and affection.

Our words to you are not hollow, beloved ones; words are the conveyors of good tidings. Our words are the conveyors of truth, light, and love. When you accept the truth that all will be well in time, the clarity within your heart will settle. You will feel the most at ease by yourself. When you accept that the light is within you, you will most certainly feel hopeful. In turn, you will thrive. To feel that there is hope within the world will make you feel alive. When you accept that love is the answer to all questions, your heart will warm. You will be able to spread the love and light that will ultimately fill you with goodness in your heart.


Trust the seen and the unseen. Open your eyes, for they are cleansed with tears of thanksgiving. Focus on the greatness of the world that is beneath you. You have the power to overturn your negative thoughts and views of the world to what it truly is. Know that your potential is overflowing. You just have to give yourself time. Continue and carry on with your journey, and continue to focus on being grateful for what you have now. Give thanks for the blessings that you have and the blessings that will be given to you in time. Trust that all will be well soon enough. 


Open yourself to all that awaits you in the light. Accept all that will come to you, and you will be blessed further. Continue on with your journey with acceptance in your heart. Open your eyes, open your heart; speak your truth with loving kindness.

Amanda Cooper

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