How Are Chakras and Flowers Related?

How do you link chakras, the energy centers of the body in Eastern tradition, and flowers, quiet, ephemeral, brilliant, pleasant manifestations of nature?

… by method of color treatment. If you do not truly believe in any of the above, yoga energy balancing methods… meditation… and a basic method of making yourself feel better and reenergized even.

7 Main Chakras

There are seven main chakras (in addition to several others) in a line from the base of the spinal column to the crown of the head and one more recently identified chakra just above the head which I believe is necessary. Everyone is associated with different areas of physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. When the energy flow in one ends up being obstructed it can lead to certain symptoms and vice versa. By keeping the chakras open and the energy streaming, we can maximize our body’s capability to keep well and heal itself.


Each chakra has a color of the spectrum linked to it. Focus on that color and envision that color light putting into the chakra and saturating it in pure colored light, then imagine the chakra as a spinning disc of color. Work through each chakra (see below for summary) in turn from Root to Crown to rebalance your entire energy level.

Why Link Chakras and Flowers?

So, what about the flowers? Whatever you use to visualize the color would work, paint examples, colored stones or crystals, an image in your mind’s eye, however stunning pictures of flowers saturated in the pure color of each chakra can bring some extra flower energy into your life too.

Flowers raise the vibrational energy around them, which is why they have long been associated with events, brought as presents to brand-new moms, sick individuals, enjoyed ones. We are hardly ever conscious of the spiritual connection these days; we simply understand that flowers cheer individuals up and make them feel grateful.

What To Do With Your Knowledge of Chakras?

There are books discussed the chakras going into even more information than there is area for here, as it is a intricate and deep topic, with infinite, individual interpretations, but here is a fundamental, quick summary of the chakras and their associated colors and areas.


  1. Root – Red

Positioned at the base of the spinal column.

Psychological grounding and one’s roots. The reproductive and excretory systems and the immune system.

Mantra “I am in touch with the earth, my roots.”


  1. Sacral– Orange

A hands breadth below the stubborn belly button.

Sexuality, imagination, financial issues, honor and principles, one to one relationship.

Genital and urinary systems, bladder and prostate.

Mantra “I am a creative, sexual being.”


  1. Solar Plexus– Yellow

Over the solar plexus at the bottom of the rib cage.

Self-esteem, confidence and how you see yourself.

Digestive system, worries and worries, the tension of responsibility.

Mantra “I think in myself.”


  1. Heart– Green

Over the heart.

Love, forgiveness, genuine love. Relationships.

Immune and circulatory systems. Heart and lungs. Solitude.

Mantra “I can offer and get love.”


  1. Throat– Blue

Centre of the throat

Communication, self-expression and will power.

Thyroid issues, sore throats, addictions(due to lack of will).

Mantra “I speak my reality”.


  1. Brow – Indigo.

Centre of forehead.

Mind, intelligence and intuition, inner vision.

Brain and nerve system, eye issues.

Mantra “I see clearly”.


  1. Crown – Violet.

Top of head.

Spiritual awakening, search for significance. Our relationship to our spirit and God.

Central nerve system, overwhelming fatigue.

Mantra “I believe”.


  1. Soul star– White/crystal.

Directly above the crown, about two hand’s breadths from the head.

Awareness of one’s soul and its connection to the mindful self.

Provides point of view on life and capability to see relatively random favorable or unfavorable occasions as part of the soul’s journey.

Mantra “I transcend”.


This is a personal, streamlined interpretation of the chakras. Use it as a stepping stone to finding out more for yourself.



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