Lime 3 Wealth

Lime 3

Lime green explicitly denotes a deep creative need to express themselves, while green auras typically represent balance, growth, and change. As a result, many lime greens are drawn to professions like teaching where they can help young people grow and change while also offering guidance to those who aren’t handling it well. In a profession like teaching, lime greens also have the advantage of having creative freedom. But any profession that allows them to develop and improve continuously while using their creative instincts would be appropriate. Most significantly, green auras represent and demand balance. If their aura is lime green, they should make an effort to ensure that they regularly meditate with an emphasis on keeping their chakras balanced.

If they have a lime aura, they should know that it means they are in the middle of a very important life shift. They have the opportunity to make a change and make their life better, but it is up to them to take it. They may be feeling as though there’s no way that things can improve for them, but that’s not true. They are capable of doing anything. If there’s something holding them back from taking action, it’s only because their current state is so much better than where they were before. I suggest getting out there and finding new opportunities for themselves right now—and don’t wait until later. Their future self will thank them  for getting started on this today.

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