Angel Message Of The Day : In So Giving…



In so giving, you receive. You have to remember that for every good deed, you will receive this back one way or another. There is always a way for the world to give it back to you. What is it that you give to yourself or to others? You have to be wary of what you show and give to everyone else, including yourself. Give love, kindness, and compassion in any way possible. Spread love and light wherever you go. 


Services rendered without reservation, without condition come back to you tenfold. That is because, you shall receive the grace if you are giving with pure intentions. The kindness and compassion you are exhibiting shows your character and what kind of person you are. It is important to focus on the light and love within your heart. After that, radiate the light within you and spread out this light to everyone else.  


Giving from the heart without reservation does not suggest you turn a blind eye, a deaf ear to that which is around you. You have to be wary of the people around you, and you have to be mindful of what you give out to those who surround you. Always remember that your thoughts and actions affect other people, too. Caring for the people surrounding you is a must so you can have the peace within your heart.


Without reservation is giving, being of service without thought of payment in kind. When you give to the world without thinking of the reward you will be getting, you are spreading out the light and love for everyone else. Your intentions became pure, and the kindness in your heart shows. Surrender yourself to the light and love in your heart, so you can live life fully with only kindness and compassion.


Planting seeds of love and light are simply planting seeds, giving to another without expectation. You should spread out love wherever you go, so that in turn, other people you help will also spread love and kindness. This way, you and the other people surrounding yourself will spread out the light that radiates you all, as well.


Openness in heart and mind allows you and others to choose differently. You have to practice showing kindness deep from your heart, and you shall receive kindness too. Everyday is a choice of showing kindness and love to others, and we should do our very best to give this to everyone else regardless of the situation. As much as possible you need to be the bigger person and choose to give kindness and compassion.


Openness is the gift of grace. You have to open your heart and mind, and focus on kindness and compassion. You have a lot of love to give to the world, and you shall be a light to everyone that is around you. For all of the grace that you are receiving, you should learn how to give it to the world. 


All creatures great and small evolve; expanding in love’s unconditional light. Spreading the love and light within you is the best way to show your compassion to everyone else. Breathe the air, smell the sweet perfume of the many plants and trees. You have to be grateful for all of the good things that surround you, may it be big or small. 


Exhale all that is not of love and light this day. You have to focus on the peace of mind that you are seeking. Whatever negative thoughts you have, you should disregard them. Remember to put your mind and thought into things that matter such as positive things you should think about instead. You have to be mindful of your thoughts and actions towards everyone else, it will not only affect them but it will impact your mindset and whole being, as well. Be the light for yourself and for everyone else.


When you bring the light and love in your heart, you can give it to the world and have the peace that you are aiming for. Walk in peace on this day. You are more blessed than you believe, and it is only right to share the blessings and grace to everyone around you.

Amanda Cooper

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