Archangel Raphael’s Love Life Guidance v13

Archangel Raphael's Love Guidance

A lifelong, exhilarating romantic love that feels like being struck by electricity and being burned in passion like gas adding fuel to each other’s hearts.

Cherished days spent with your desired partner must be what your soul is truly yearning for, your goal and dream. As you embark on this long, strenuous pursuit in seeking the right partner the divine beings wanted in your life to share the moments of joy and sadness, and the entirety of the world, you must keep in mind that there are many ways of achieving such a highly desired sanctuary.

One of many is having faith and reaching out to the perfect intercessor and provider Archangel Raphael for guidance as he is the pioneer in the aspect of love and healing in life. Therefore, meditating and praying as well as building of belief in Archangel Raphael, will further enable you to properly heed his guidance and enlightenment for you since it is easy to miss signs should you lack belief in his divine intervention as appealed to the Divine Source.

Building up your courage is another way of bringing up a higher chance for you to meet and interact with possible partners on a day to day basis. However, as it is in today’s time, self-confidence is quite hard to maintain.

As you continuously browse through your social media, you may encounter people with more alluring qualities than you, thus leading you to garner self doubt and negativity towards your image.

This has been the primary problem for many in setting off towards their path in finding a partner for this will goad you into giving up or simply waiting and remaining stagnant hoping that one day you would be found by the person in the similar state as you, looking for ever-loving affection and support.

But as reality becomes crueler by the day, some stories sadly do not end on a happy note. This thought will challenge your determination and somewhat ignite your heart to do something, as it is the same with praying to Archangel Raphael for he could also provide you with a little push, enough to ignite your heart once again during your most dire moments. Relying on the divine workings of Archangel Raphael as the only sole action you take in finding a partner would not bear fruit for you.

Bear in mind that it is also important to note that having a deeper understanding of yourself is the final piece in the puzzle towards self-improvement and self-love. It is your life that you will control, and the only true thing you can have power in this life is you, yourself.

When you finally find a partner that perfectly synchronizes with your energy, your high degree of understanding of yourself will become your mortgage and significantly aid you in conquering impending hurdles in your relationship and ultimately making your bond with your partner deeper and stronger.

Many instances and occurrences will prove to be a great hurdle and discourage you while you set off to the path you are taking. Learning how to differentiate lust and love will greatly benefit to avoid short term happiness as spontaneous desires may tempt you by giving you short-term security and happiness.

Do not be swayed by such as it is temporary, great suffering and regrets are to be reaped after. While it is truly tempting to give in to the treacherous nature of lust, there lies in its potential that you might start to get addicted to the short term happiness it provides and give up the whole idea of a lifelong romantic experience that you will cherish with your fated partner.

In the manner of avoiding it, it is crucial to cultivate a clear understanding of yourself and your intentions. True love comes with a great cost in order to attain. In spite of the benefits and joy the sudden impulse gives, it can never amount to the long-lasting effect of the true happiness you persevered for.

It lasts long for the more hurdles you and your partner face together, the stronger the bond of you too will become.

Compared to lust’s benefits, it might be easy to attain but the benefits you’ll receive will be less than that of a life long partner. Therefore, in your journey towards finding your fated partner, remain steadfast in your resolve and determination to distinguish between what is short term and the long term advantages, to know the difference between lust and love.

Embrace the wisdom you may reap once you have started to know the consequences of your choices as it will guide you on which route to take that will not bring you malice and regrets.

It will serve as your guiding light, helping you maneuver the complexities of human emotions, relationship flexibilities, discernment, and the promise of enduring joy.

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