Archangel Raphael’s Love Life Guidance v7

Archangel Raphael's Love Guidance

Have the sudden yet persisting need for a comforting warmth or gestures of affirmation of another, say, of the universe or the supreme Divine Source, have urged you to seek refuge and therefore invoke their presence?

Are you perhaps feeling lonely having no one to share how the day went by so wonderfully or so miserably? This may be a sign of your longingness for a romantic partner that will venture with you through life’s hardships, triumphs, tragedies, prosperity, joy and predicaments.

A person of excellent character, chosen specifically for you by the celestial beings, whom you can count on and rely on in dire times, one you can share the rollercoaster ride of life and foremost, a romantic love that scarcely comes yet lasts and is rarely found.

If you carry such willingness and determination in seeking out to find this special someone, you are being encouraged to seek aid from the Archangel Raphael, being the healing light of the Divine Source, he is also deeply revered for his protection, guidance and significant influence in happy meetings.

Known for his ability to heal, he has been referred to as the perfect intercessor in healing the wounds of bodies, minds, and spirits, of the people. He is considered as the healing light mediator of the Divine Source, sent to people who call upon him for consolation and reassurance through trying times.

For instance, he is credited to various aspects of provision for the welfare of humanity, however, of all the blessings granted upon mankind in behalf of the supreme and all-knowing, things that stood out best are his assistance in finding love, comfort and healing towards humans.

Keep in mind that expression of gratitude through offered prayers and seeking assistance from such a divine being must be done routinely for this could prove to be a great advantage to carry out towards your journey in finding the perfect partner you wish to have as chosen for you by the will of the matchmaker under the command of the Divine Source, one that shall bring out the best in you and help you thrive through the predicaments of life.

Are you perhaps feeling antsy about ideas of pessimism such as, no matter how many people you have already known for years, you may have no one to turn to or rely on in times of hopelessness, as how you may be experiencing right now, due to your feeling of loneliness and thoughts of abandonment?

You must not forget that your silent calls for assistance are being heard every millisecond, even when you are not aware of it.

As seeking for guidance of the Archangel Raphael will help you gain courage and having faith in him, you can entrust your fate to the wonders of sanctity of prayers and unwavering faith for he will be there throughout your journey in finding your romantic partner.

It is important to remember that no matter how extremely desperate you may become, never fall into the temptation of lust nor any spontaneous desires that you may stumble upon for it is the harbinger of malice and despair which shall throw you off course.

Bear in mind that all good things come to those who wait and that the longer you wait and the harder you work for your dreams and wishes, the happier you are and more fulfilling you shall feel.

Known for its short-lived yet rapid and intense release, dopamine rush functions in such a demeanor. Hence, succumbing to sudden emergence of enticement might render you rueful and despondent afterwards or worse, may result to gradual addiction into such experiences which you may result to you becoming further strayed away from your goals and therefore, renouncing the whole idea of finding a deep connection with someone, the life of what could have been filled with romance built in trust, love, and joy.

Just as mortgage is, success in romance and life itself come with investments and commitments that must run long-term.

Both aspects require a large amount of communication and compromise to function effectively and in a sustainable manner.

These are qualities that are learned through time and life lessons that are obtained through experience. Frequent optimization of personal software such as established self-care activities and fine-tuning of health-seeking behaviors will enable you to be better equipped in life, especially in confronting challenges brought upon you to conquer.

Change that shall take place in your life will come in pouring without a pause therefore, you must keep an open mind and heart and believe that you are meant for greater things if you continue to persevere.

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