Coffee Cup Readings Fish Meaning 2

Today's Coffee Reading

Meaning 2: 


An auspicious sign in many readings, the fish in your coffee cup is a messenger of a lucky catch! Good fortune is on your side, and many of your endeavors are bound to bear fruit today. This is a perfect time to work hard in many aspects of your life; the rewards will ultimately be within your grasp. Do your major projects and plans at work or in your financial life, there will be a big chance that you will win it.

Go out of your way to approach your romantic interest, you may get a happy answer if you try! Do something good for your close friends and your soulmate. They will respond well to it and even benefit you in the process. Possible healing or better wellbeing will be guaranteed to you if you have been undergoing therapy or treatment right now. If you are trying bodybuilding or some major fitness training, take heart! Your hard efforts are not in vain and you will soon see the results of your hard work!

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