Angel Message Of The Day : Angelic Guidance

Archangel Sariel

Before the dawning of day is the gateway between the Heavens and the Earthly Realm.  In the land of in-between, lay the dreams and hopes of what lay before you. There is always a place where you can rest easy knowing that there is still hope that you could hold on to no matter what happens. Your dreams are the foundation of what you have been aspiring for and what you are seeking for all along. Choose to focus on achieving these aspirations through the dreams that you have. At the same time, please remember to never let go of the hope that you have at all times.

By the light of the moon speak your dreams; listen for the sound of silence in the coolness of the night skies. Speak your hopes and aspirations to the night sky and to the dear moon. The light of it shall guide you through the darkest nights, and rest assured that you will no longer have to be alone. With the moon by your side, you will be guided through the right path that you have been seeking.  

You who seek guidance through the Realm of Dreams, what symbols have been given to you? You must remember that you are being guided at all times, and there are no coincidences. All that you are seeing the Realm of Dreams are symbols of what you are meant to be in and what you are seeking for. Take notice of these symbols, and make sure to prioritize and give it your utmost attention and importance. Fully focus on the guiding light that is given to you in more ways than one.

There is nothing to fear in the gateway between the Heavens and the Earthly Realm for there is only peace, love, and light, the Light of Divine Source. You must not live with fear when it comes to your journey. Continue to walk to the path knowing that the light and love is within you, given by the Divine Source. There is peace given by the Divine Source, where there would be no chaos and there would be absolute harmony within yourself and those around you. There is love given by the Divine Source, where there would be compassion, kindness, and consideration all of the time. There is light given by the Divine Source, where there is hope for all of the things that you desire the most.

What dreams speak from within you? There are dreams that must resonate from within you, which speaks of the things that you desire the most in this life. You must really look into yourself so that you can recognize all of what you desire. When you fully know what you have been seeking, you will truly understand yourself better. In knowing yourself better, you will be aware of what paths in this world have you been seeking. What direction are you really headed? Seek the guidance of the love and light that radiates within you.

Do you desire a smoother transition from this moment to where you choose to be? It must be your goal to adapt better when you are going through the changes in your life. It is always productive to gain the sense of how you are at this moment and how you will be in the future, just as you wish to. Better understanding yourself and the path that you seek will make all the difference. Do you desire different thoughts or actions to guide your way?  It must be your goal to hear a different perspective so that you will be guided accordingly in a new way. If you are subjected to listening to a fresh set of eyes, you will fully understand your potential better.  

Speak your dreams to you, keeping all Sacred within your heart. Remember to hold on to the Light and Love that is given to you, keeping all of your dreams that resonate within you. You must focus on the guidance that you are waiting for in order to make great changes in the direction you are headed.

In the silence lay the guidance you seek. Travel this day in peace and harmony.

Amanda Cooper

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