Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Birthright

Angel of Divine Connection


We ask this of you. Ponder if you truly know the true essence of who you are. Do you know what you are made of? Do you know what your purpose is in life? There are many things that you should take your time to reflect on. What is truly inside of you, and what kind of person you have been, you are, and you will be in the future? Have you asked yourself if you truly know the real you? A lot of things should be considered when you are thinking of the true essence of who you are as a person. 


Not just the physicalness of the existence perceived as real but the true essence of your being both physical and non-physical. You must not only look at your outside appearance and at who you are as your appearance has made you look like. Rather, you have to check out what is inside you,  too. Consider looking at your core essence, and reflect on it. What kind of aspirations do you have? What kind of values do you have as a person? You have to make sure that your heart is filled with greatness, so that it will reflect on who you are, too. Take a step back, and seek out who you truly are. You must try to connect with your inner self

Remember your connection to Divine Source Energy, the inner essence of what you call your soul. You have to know that keeping yourself strong and filled with light and love is a must so that you will radiate this energy that is full of hope and love to yourself and to others. Remember to feed your heart with positivity, so that you will only release goodness to everyone you shall meet and you will act with compassion, kindness, and grace. You have to make sure that you connect with your soul, and take a look at who you truly are.


Reach within, past the hurts and sorrows of the earthly realm. Connect with your soul, and move past the negativity that should no longer matter.  When you are living your life, there are many hurdles that you may encounter. Remember that these should no longer have a hold on you as they are only in the earthly realm. Release all of it, you have to let it go and focus on connecting with your soul. What is truly inside of you? Have you tried to reach out already and see what truly lies beneath? Reach within and focus on getting to connect with yourself. 


If only in this one moment, remember who you are. Let all else fall from your shoulders, from your thoughts, from your heart. Reach the tranquility that you are seeking at this very moment. Focus on who you are, and connect with your true self. At the moment that you have connected with your true form, you will find that there is only goodness inside. There is only love and light. All of the negativity that should no longer stay in your heart and soul would be removed. 

The sheer essence of your being is light and love from the Divine. You have been made out of light and love, and you will always be. Let this hope and love radiate through you so that you will no longer stray away from what you are meant to be. You are made out of love, you have to show love and compassion to yourself and to others at all times. You are made out of light, there is hope in every move you will make. Regardless if you are hoping to achieve your goals or hoping for a better tomorrow, you shall get it soon. 


Your Divine birthright is the key to all that is before you — love, happiness, joy, peace, calm, and harmony. How shall you choose to claim that which already is? These things that you already have are just within your reach, just within you. Choose to claim and radiate love, happiness, and all of the good things that you are made of. There is peace and harmony once you truly connect with your heart and soul.

Amanda Cooper

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