Angel Message Of The Day : Be Unafraid

Archangel Chamuel 


In seeking a Source, you seek yourself. When you seek a Source, you are seeking yourself. You are seeking your divinity, your true nature. If you seek it in others or material things, then you will never find it because it is not separate from you. To seek the truth of who you are is not just to think about it or to feel it, but to be it. To be present in your own body, mind, and spirit. To be aware of what is going on inside and around you at every moment. Always remember that the source is not separate from you. You are the Source. You are the One looking for yourself.


In the moment of the asking, all is forgiven. You need not be afraid that your request will be refused or that it will be met with a negative answer. You need not fear rejection or disappointment. You need not fear that what you ask for will come back to haunt you later on. At this moment, no matter what has happened in your life up until now and no matter how much pain or suffering there has been in your life up until now, you are forgiven everything. To ask for forgiveness is a sign of humility, but it also demonstrates trust in The Divine One’s mercy. In the moment of the asking, all is forgiven by the Universe.

In the moment of the asking, all is made manifest before you. You are not being asked to choose a path that does not exist for you, but only to choose one that does. The moment of asking is sacred and important. At this moment, all is made manifest before you. You can see what is possible for your life and know that it is here for you now. In this way, your choice is always a true one, for it represents the truth of who you are. It gives you the ability to create your life experiences with intentionality instead of allowing yourself to be passive recipients of what comes your way without direction or purpose.


In the asking, in the seeking, in the opening, all is revealed. Do you seek love? Do you love yourself wholly and completely? Do you accept yourself wholly and completely? The moment you begin to seek love is the moment you’ve forgotten that it’s already within your heart. To be fully open to anyone else is to know them fully; it is a gift of trust that can lead to a deeper connection. Being fully open with yourself allows you to see yourself clearly without fear or judgment; it allows your true self to shine through so that no matter what happens in life, you will always have yourself as your greatest support. 


Seek first within, the love of the Divine Source. The love of the Divine Source is unconditional and eternal. It is the source of all creation, and it is our divine birthright. It is a gift, not something we can earn or deserve.  Trust that you are one with the Universe, and you can trust that you will be taken care of in every way. Trust that all is well, and the Universe will support you in all ways. Seek to be of service to others, and the Universe will support you in your life purpose


Be unafraid to remove the mask you show others around you, seeing past all that has come before for it has no hold upon you. You are still human as you are not what other people think of you and you are not what you have done in the past. Keep remaining in the present time. The only thing that matters is who you choose to be and what you do now. You can choose to be anything, do anything and have everything that you want in life and stop living with regrets from the past as you start living for the future.


Be unafraid to step forth on the path before you, for it offers you all your desires. Seek first the Realm of Spirit through Divine Source. When you find your center of peace, then all will be revealed to you and you will know exactly what to do to fulfill your purpose and mission here on Earth. You are the light and the love that shines. The path will open up before you in ways that are beyond your expectations. Each step brings you closer to your goal, which is to experience a higher state of consciousness. 

Seek first through Source, for Divine Source holds dominion over all things great and small. Seek first the light and love within you. When you seek from your heart, you will find that which is sought. At this moment you are not alone. Seek first that which is good in all things, knowing that it is their highest expression. The Divine Source can be found in the center of your being just behind your heart’s filling. Feel yourself expand into this powerful space of love and lightSeek the light and love within you. You are the light of the world. If you wish to see darkness, look at the world around you. 


All shall be laid to rest at your feet. As long as it is within the Universe’s power, all things are granted according to your every command; You may explore whatever path you wish, and you will be granted everything necessary to achieve your goal. As long as it is for the greater good. Let the Universe be a guide for you on this journey through life. You are its protector and guardian; Its most loyal and devoted servant. You may go where you need to go and do what needs to be done for you to reach your full potential in this lifetime.


Seek first that which is within you in all ways, in all things. The more time you spend looking for happiness outside of yourself, the more unhappy you become. To seek peace and tranquility outside of yourself means that you are looking. You will only find peace and tranquility when you come to understand that there is no difference between inside and outside, or self and other. When you look at the world with your heart, you see beauty, harmony, and joy. Your heart knows no limitations; it sees all things as one. The Divine One is within us all and you are within it. You are not separate from anything or anyone.

Amanda Cooper

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