Angel Message Of The Day : Flames Of Purification

Archangel Michael


The world is a dualistic place. We are here to live life in all of its nuances, and there is no pity in confessing it. The world is littered with many hues of gray, but we are unable to see them as they are too undetectable. However, there are times when we are so preoccupied with the details that we lose sight of the fact that there is so much more to life than whether or not our perceptions of other people or ourselves are accurate. We forget that there are numerous ways to look at things, each of which leads us to something new and exciting.


Take a moment now to open your hands facing the heavens, cupping them together. In your open hands, place all of your burdens. Imagine holding everything you want to let go of, overcome, and purge from your heart, mind, soul, and spirit that isn’t of love and light. Feel the weight of everything you are holding in your hands right now. Picture a fire pit in front of you with dancing flames. The weight lifts from your shoulders and settles into your stomach like a warm blanket. Your breathing slows and deepens, becoming more relaxed and more even as you feel yourself sinking deeper into this new feeling that has come over you.


Know that you are safe and protected from all you have placed in your hands. No harm shall come to you. The flames of the fire before you are open to receiving all you wish to release, to purify, to heal, and to transform. You are in the middle of a process of releasing what no longer serves you. Allowing yourself to fully embrace this process can feel overwhelming at times—but remember: it is only through allowing yourself to release what no longer serves you that your highest self can emerge. Allow yourself time each day to be open and receptive to whatever may come up for you. 


Imagine that each and every thought, emotional scar, disappointment, and fear of the familiar and the unfamiliar are individually carried into the flames of the fire. All that you are willing to release into the Light is transformed by the dancing, flickering flames, which eventually turn bright orange. All that you have been holding back is burned away in the flames, which act as your own personal purification station. This is a time to celebrate, not reflect on the past or feel regret. As you let go of any worries or fears that have prevented you from living your best life, the power comes from within.

Feel your entire being lighten and lighten, freeing you from everything that has come before. Feel your entire being release all that you have carried. Feel your entire being sigh with relief because nothing is out of your reach. Feel the warmth of the flames warm your Spirit, body, mind, and heart.


The ones who have gone before you have walked this path before. They have fought this battle and have conquered it with grace and love. You can do the same. This day in love and light, beloved child. Be willing to leave behind the things that hold you back and the darkness that surrounds you. Be willing to step into the light and allow yourself to be seen by all those around you. Allow yourself to be seen by yourself as well. Today is a day of celebration.


While we’re experiencing the things that seem surreal, it’s simple to take everything for granted, but it’s even simpler to forget how privileged we are to have such things. And, while they may appear insignificant now, if we could just remember how fortunate we are right now—and reflect on all the things we’ve been given throughout history—we might find ourselves feeling grateful enough to give thanks. Give thanks for everything that has come before. Give thanks for everything that is yet to come.

Amanda Cooper

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