Angel Message Of The Day : Without Condition


In the rays of the sun there are no shadows all bathed in warm energizing light. Every single one of us has a positive mind that you must remember even in our darkest hours when we feel in the shadow that no one cares for us when we feel alone or tormented, that we must conquer simply to be at ease in the new beginning.

In the night, moonbeams illuminate the Soul. When the night begins to crumple, when you’re alone, you merely comprehend what the true issue is and consider what other options exist to make it right. But, even if you believe that you must trust him without condition or for whatever reason, why is he putting you in this situation?

Whether day or night, find your way focusing upon the light of the moon, the bright yellow-orange rays of the sun, your own inner guidance. You must focus on what your genuine desires in life are in order to know what thoughts in your mind are to be prepared for, and once you have them in your mind, you must prepare for what may happen to you or what may be the probable conclusion just be your inner self.

Listen not to the small voice within your mind which seeks to cast doubt, to cast shadow. Are you willing to listen to your Inner-Self, the part of you which is free from distraction, free from doubt or fear? The more you listen to your own thoughts, the more doubt you will have, which may lead to fear, but it will free you from your ego, which can go beyond what you are willing to take, and you will realize in the end that you are the only one who can save yourself, even if you have doubts or fear about what will happen next.

Take a moment to breathe in the light of the moon, feel the warmth of the sun upon your skin. You must pause for a moment to consider every conceivable approach to be more efficient in the future or in other scenarios you haven’t encountered yet. Then, simply be yourself and trust the process.

Face that which is before you this day be willing to see past surface appearances. For some reason, we must take the deeper element of something, rather than the features that are easy to identify for ourselves and others that will eventually assist us even if there is no condition to fulfill it, and simply trust in our creator that will help us grow more.

Be aware of all that is before you; be willing to acknowledge all that no longer serves your highest and best good. We must acknowledge the people who have helped us grow or who have helped us become the people we are today, even if we no longer have a relationship. We must be grateful for what they have done for us in our past lives, which may have ended differently.

Be willing to see, to hear, to feel, to sense all that is truth your truth, allowing no other to include you to distract you from your path. Being true to yourself and others may harm you or them, but the most important thing is that you no longer have to be distracted by what road you choose for what they want to happen, even if it will no longer help you grow for a long time.

Your path is not the path of another. However, there are instances when we can’t help but take the way of others rather than our own since we know what might happen if we merely do what others take the path, whether it’s good or bad, in the near future.

In accepting of another without condition, you also accept yourself without condition. Be mindful of what they are up to in order to avoid allowing others to evaluate you without a condition that has led to your divergent paths, even if it means sacrificing your confidence and faith in him in every way.

Is it not possible there are others who also accept you as you are without condition? There will always be some people who will accept you for who you are without condition, so just be true to yourself. Even if some people do not accept you for who you are, believe in yourself for what you can achieve more.

Go now, walk the path before you in trust, in faith, knowing all is unfolding before you without condition.

Amanda Cooper

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