Aquarius season, time to reorganize

He started the season of Aquarius and is a good time to reorganize itself, focus on what we have proposed, and also set limits. It is not only that the Sun enters Aquarius but this will be a very Aquarian year.

What the Aquarius season brings

The season of Aquarius brings the group, the revolutionary, which violates the rules and unpredictability.

Capricorn left us “the new normal” and Aquarius says “what new normal?” Normal is not an option. Uranus is very accelerated because Mars gives it movement to realize the great ideas because if not, they remain in the air.

The node in Gemini and the eclipses in Gemini and that also Mercury is going to retrograde in Gemini, we have to carefully review what type of information we consume and how we saturate ourselves avoiding the void, which is the most Aquarian place.

The unpredictable has that dynamic of emptiness, absence, and “lack of” to develop creativity. As I divest myself of something, a new form appears.

The sky is spicy …

This is going to be an Aquarius season somewhat different from the previous ones because there are several planets circling.

  • Saturn and Jupiter entered Aquarius.
  • Mercury is going to retrograde in Aquarius which is not something that happens frequently.
  • Uranus just conjunct Mars directly, squaring Saturn and Jupiter.

Winds of change

2020 brought to light all that we were doing wrong as a system and as a society and now, in 2021, we have to think about a change to link and make friends with the contradictions.

With Saturn in Aquarius, we are going to regulate this new way of living together as a society, there is no previous normality, there is no normality. More than the new normal, it is the new abnormality in which we are going to build a new world, a new system, a new way of living and we are all in this transition.

The energies of this season

This Aquarius season will bring a lot of energy between Taurus and Aquarius. With Uranus, Taurus is the concrete, what remains, while Aquarius always wants to be updated, the pull between “the usual” versus “the new”.

One of the characteristics of Aquarius is that they disconnect so much from their body that this square to Taurus will help them return. It is a year with so much air that they will have to remember how to return to the body so as not to always stay in the mind.

Aquarius is an energy of the “Sun in exile”, which is used to the absence or lack of attention. It is seen more clearly with Moon in Aquarius, it is given and taken away from it and distributed in the group.

This question of intermittence, on the Moon it is more emotional and on the Ascendant it is something else to develop.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius has the transit of Saturn in the first 13 ° and also the transit of Jupiter then, to become more serious, more focused on emotions, to be able to make that energy tangible and bring it a new level of evolution.

The Moon in Aquarius tends to the transformation of the emotional pattern, of the flight, of being with erratic energy, and that the sure thing is the change, “when in doubt, I leave.”

The transit of Saturn

With the transit of Saturn, there may be moments of great emotional distance but the transit of Jupiter makes it more expansive.

It can be an opportunity to stop thinking so much and go down to Earth because, although thinking and creating new things for a new world is fine, if we do not specify we are not going anywhere, very common of Aquarian energy.

Saturn, as he is the lord of time, incorporates the three perceptions: past, present, and future but they are related to each other. Saturn is like a near future and Uranus is a more distant future, each one has its own look.

Can excess Aquarius stiffen?

More than stiffen, it makes people with a lot of Aquarius lose their self-esteem and depend on the approval of a social outside or link that defines it.

Aquarius is a fixed sign and the excess of fixed signs is their pride, fixity is what they believe. There is an intellectual pride in Aquarius “I know more than the others” but Leo is not far behind, “because I exist, I am better”.

In Aquarius, “I am more intelligent than everyone”, in Taurus “I can cope with things better than everyone”, in Scorpio “I am more profound and analytical than everyone”.…

The contradictory thing is that they are very open-minded on the one hand and the others are closed so they exclude them but, in the end, they end up being all in the same place.

Let’s talk about House 11

The 11th house is the Aquarian house that has to do with the places where one interacts in a group, where he feels that he can be in a community beyond family and friends. Being more transpersonal is freedom, the place where friends and groups are chosen.

It also has to do with plans and projects. If there were many planets in the 11th house, even if the person is not from Aquarius, there is a lot of learning. Identifying the sign in the 11th house can give us information about what kind of bond we have with the group and the community.

How much Aquarius is in your birth chart?

To know this, the following must be taken into account:

  • What planets are in Aquarius?
  • What planets are in the 11th house (analog)?
  • What planets are in aspect to Uranus?
  • What sign is there in the 11th house?
  • What house is in your Aquarium area?

Meaning of the planets in Aquarius

Sun: original, rebellious, crazy, full of ideas, and detached.

Luna: childhood with intermittent affection, detached where creativity was highly valued. Family = friends.

Ascending: life invites us to be increasingly open to change and originality, to build a network.

Mercury: very mental people, full of ideas and creativity, with very changing thinking and a very original way of communicating.

Venus: attracts and values ​​original, creative and unpredictable people.

Mars: the way to act and go for what you want is different from the norm, there is a lot of capacity from the avant-garde and original.

Jupiter: very original beliefs, outside the norm, ability to work in the community or technology.

Saturn: good management of Aquarian energy although, at times, you can feel that something is missing. Good for work.

Uranus / Neptune / Pluto: they are generational planets, although having them in the 11th house marks great learning through creativity, groups, and community projects.

As we always say, even if there is no Aquarius in your natal chart, it can appear on the other side. We are made of the 12 energies and the more we recognize them, the fewer imbalances we will have.

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