Divine Number 1 -Part 2

Divine Number 1 - Part 2

A variety of spiritual and cultural meanings are associated with this divine number 1, making it a strong and significant number capable of a powerful manifestation. The divine number 1 is highly associated with numerology to new beginnings, independence, and leadership as well as manifestation of dreams. The energies of the Angels under this divine number, who are regarded to be spiritual creatures who help and direct humanity on their spiritual journeys, are thought to be represented by this. You may come across sets or patterns of number 1 during your ventures or as you aimlessly wander, indulge in this favorable opportunity to vocalize your wishes as they shall be heeded by the angels who will be lending you extraordinary support in its acquisition. This aid shall be presented in various means such as directive support for self-growth, guide towards opportunities for new beginnings or a signal to make a wish. Such intentions will bring about a considerable amount of change which shall prove to be overwhelming as you come across undesirable circumstances towards this pursuit, nonetheless, do keep in mind that you must be dauntless and faithful until the universe deems it is time to bestow the blessing you are meant to have. 

Over the course of a day or week, the divine number 1 will be showing up randomly. This could mean that the angels are attempting to grab hold of your attention and offer you their help and guidance, specially in this dire time of need. You will need to have a positive attitude throughout as the energy of the universe gravitates towards your thoughts. It is important to rid yourself of any negativity that is currently nestling in your mind as this will cause a tremendous amount of stress which will potentially lure in unnecessary tension between you and your goals. Moreover, since the energies of the divine number 1 is also linked to new beginnings, you will be further motivated to take the initiative and start new ideas and endeavors, a momentous time to welcome a new phase in your life. It will be best for you to be autonomous and self-reliant, and most importantly, to trust your instincts and the universe. Additionally, plenty of luck will find its way in your doorstep if you truly and completely entrust the process of growth and manifestation of your dreams to the energy this divine number holds. You may be on the right track and your efforts you have poured over the past few weeks are being repaid with blessings and wealth. You must remember not to lose sight of your goals regardless of the misfortunes or blessings you have been bestowed upon as this will result in more favorable results.

Since the number one is also connected to divine energies, have you considered that this may be a sign that you are being asked to get in touch with your higher power and seek direction from a more powerful being? It is important that you keep an open mind and heart. You may be urged to consider your spiritual path and identify your life’s purpose. Thus, this could be a period of significant spiritual growth for you. An opportunity which shall open the door for more opportunities leading to a more resilient self and an even stronger willpower to take on whatever hurdles thrown at you as you undergo the phase of difficulty entailed. Bear in mind that all these are life-learning experiences that shall help you develop adaptability and perseverance to continuously work your way towards your goal.

Tenacity and resolve are also a representation under this divine number, and it may be a sign that you are being asked to be brave and persevere in the face of difficulties. Given that you are urged to seize fresh possibilities and take on fresh challenges, this might be a period of tremendous personal and spiritual growth for you. It is generally an energy of upliftment and positivity, which supports fresh starts, initiative, manifestation and resolve. Stumbling upon this divine number is an indication that you must have faith in the heavenly beings and the universe that are consistently working, directing and assisting you towards the correct direction to realize your potential and reach your goals.

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