Your Spiritual Wellness For Today

Your Spiritual Wellness For Today

You are feeling energetic and active, your mind is full of brilliant and innovative ideas because you are spiritually fit for today. You are a ray of sunshine and radiate goodness and positivity. People may consider you a strong person, judging from your positive vibe and aura.  You have a strong connection with the people of your faith community. If you have strong willpower and determination to accomplish your dreams you may exhaust yourself to the point where you break down mentally and emotionally which is not good for your health. 

You get easily fed up with boring circumstances therefore you are living an exciting and adventurous life. You should avoid spending money on useless things as you may face a financial crisis in the future. You are trying your best to retain your focus on positive thoughts but sometimes negativity clouds your mind entirely. You may cut ties with people who have a bad influence on you.  You should know that complete satisfaction, tranquility, and equanimity are only possible when you are not easily influenced by materialistic desires. When you reach this stage, you will realize what spirituality is. Currently, you have no specific purpose to go and explore the purpose of your life.  You are highly analytical and sustain your patience no matter what because of your streamlined personality. You have a cogent connection with your inner-self which influences you unconsciously

Why is it crucial to have balance in your life?

If you have a strong desire to know the utter Truth soon you would want to get rid of this materialistic world, as your heart and soul will instantly drive you towards the goal of liberation. It is a fact that you cannot get rid of materialistic desires and negativity overnight. It is a long journey full of obstacles, the journey of knowing yourself better what you want, which things are important and which are not, and eventually you will reach a stage of satisfaction and gratification which is worthwhile. Wellness is comprised of three main factors:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • soul

Balance among mind, soul, and body is necessary to have a productive and happy life because they are directly proportional to one another. If any sort of weakness occurs in one of them it will negatively impact others.

How to achieve personal wholeness/ spiritual wellness?

Let’s say that we talk about meditation or yoga. What is that? Either Spiritual or practical practice? The answer is oblivious: it’s both. As it heals you spiritually as well as physically. Similarly, if you are very scientific about your meditation. What is that? Spiritual or practical? It’s both. Adopting any one of these exercises on a daily basis will bring you one step closer to balance and healing.

  • Induce self-care
  • Explore your inner child 
  • Express gratitude
  • Incorporate stress reduction exercises
  • Participate in volunteer work/ activities
  • Live your life with purpose
  • Engage yourself with divinity
  • Go for a walk
  • Eat healthy, organic foods and sleep on time 
  • Meditate 

Signs you are spiritually weak

Spirituality gives a sense of purpose to your life along with peace. Spirituality changes our perspective, and our outlook on life. If you are spiritually weak you may fall prey to various illnesses either related to your physical health or mental health. Mostly the root cause for mental disorders like anxiety, stress, depression, phobias, ED, etc. is an imbalance in spiritual health. You will become emotionally reactive and repress negative sensations like jealousy, and resentment. All these signs indicate that your spiritual health is very poor. Being spiritually fit allows you to reach a state of enlightenment where you are emancipated from all sufferings. Do you want to have tranquility and equanimity in your life?  Yes! You can achieve this if your spiritual health is balanced. If you are spiritually strong your decision power will also shine.

How to preserve spirituality?

As the world has advanced on a vast level many holistic approaches are proven to bring balance to your spirit and further strengthen your spiritual health.

  • Meditation, mindfulness, or Yoga 
  • Connect yourself with your faith community
  • Spend your time with family and friends 
  • Explore your purpose in life
  • Think positively and discard negative opinions
  • Be closer to nature as nature will heal you from past traumas effectively
  • Engage yourself with the Divine and pray as prayer gives hope and serenity
  • Forgive and let go
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