Angel Message Of The Day : Change


It is said; change your thoughts and what you think about changes. Being open to different viewpoints, even those that contradict your own is another aspect of changing your way of thinking. You’ll start to understand that the more mindset training you do, the more you’ll be able to approach fresh ideas and viewpoints from a stable and composed position.


Choose to see differently and what you see changes. The best method to influence our surroundings is to first alter our own behavior. Our outward world is a product of our interior beliefs, competencies, and behaviors. We must begin by looking inward if there is anything we wish to alter about our world. When internal changes occur, external changes also occur.

Choose to feel differently and you will heal yourself and others. Instead of exhausting yourself by always attempting to please everyone, self-care entails accepting yourself for who you are with kindness. It involves going about your daily activities without feeling the need to check out or take a break only to take a bath, read a book, or drink tea.


It is not about healing others so you may heal. Sometimes it is necessary to prioritize your own needs over those of others, because how can you serve others if you are unable to meet your own? It is to modify your mentality to heal first before helping others so that you can finally help others even if you do not fully comprehend their pains.


It is about healing yourself which in turn allows another to heal. You might examine your own needs first, and then the others will follow because when you have to face your own anguish, you finally realize the pain of everyone around you. It is really beneficial to heal oneself first before engaging in the company of others.


Do you at times wish a “do over” to “rewind” an event or situation? Sometimes in our daily lives, we reflect on an event or situation and wonder whether we can go back in time and change our minds. But there are instances when you understand you just have to make it an experience rather than rewinding the situation in order to facilitate another occurrence.


Perhaps you desire another opportunity to change a behavior or long standing pattern of self-doubt or fear of not having all you desire in your life. Self-doubt is defined by emotions of confusion about one or more parts of one’s own identity. It is something that we all may go through at some point in our life. However, when it becomes debilitating for us, we may require additional strategies to combat self-doubt.


Each moment is a gift; a gift to choose, to think, to feel and to see differently. It is about kindness, helpfulness, selflessness, sacrifice, giving, service, love, and so forth. A few words of sympathy can have a huge impact. When we do kindness to others, we receive enormous happiness. There is a certain joy in receiving something.


If you are willing, choose an event or situation you wish to “do over” … breathe deeply, exhale slowly … imagine how you would do things differently. You only have to think about a scenario and you might adjust your decision to make a proper outcome to it; sometimes it might liberate your mind to not think differently because you might get used to it someday.


Would you speak more kindly to yourself or others? Speaking more generously to yourself has the capacity to influence how you see and feel about yourself. It can have an effect on how you live your life, parent, engage with people, and care for yourself. Having a positive attitude about yourself can attract more favorable circumstances.


Would you look past perception seeing the Divine Light within? Engaging in acts of love and service for the communities in which we live and work, as well as promoting environmental stewardship. We mirror the light through loving and praying for those with whom we live and work. This is being shared in our communities.


Would you allow fear to overtake you or reach out to another to help you through? This method can assist you in retraining your brain to form a more positive association with whatever is causing your fear. Confronting your concerns can boost your self-esteem and show you that you’re capable of doing what seemed unattainable before.


Your “do over” may or may not change the previous events. Even if it can change what has occurred, which may or may not change, it can help enhance your personality because you know it could finish differently than it did.


Your “do over” may create a new opportunity with another to act differently setting you free from what was. The modification you make will result in a different consequence, which may lead to a new opportunity that you like, especially if you can free your thoughts to lead to other alternatives, even if it is not the one you expect.


Reach out to yourself; reach out to others while letting go of any connection to the outcome. Reach out today; step into the Light, for all is in Divine Order. You only need to reach out to yourself first before reaching out to others to achieve a clear conclusion that can lead to more opportunities that have come to light for it to improve your perspective.

Amanda Cooper

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