Angel Message Of The Day : Make Way For The New

Angel of Love 


In an effort to be open and to remain open to all that is, do you sometimes find yourself attempting to protect yourself from pain? It is our nature to protect ourselves from being hurt, and it is truly normal to feel that way. Pain, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or Spiritual, all emanate from fear-based thinking and fear-based experiences that no longer serve you. 


This we say to you, shed the old, make way for the new. How does it serve you to hold onto what has come before? You have to choose to let go of the things that should no longer hold you back. Release all of the hurt from the past so that you will no longer feel stuck. When this happens, you will be given a second chance to feel better. You will have the chance to let light radiate within you instead of the murky thoughts you no longer need in your life. You have to soak yourself with goodness and grace, as it is what you deserve. 


By choosing to hold onto that which no longer serves you, how will wholeness come into being? If you believe that there is no use already and it is no longer doing you good, you should let go and release it already. How will there be space in your heart, mind, body, and Spirit to embrace that which you truly desire? When you let go of the negativity in your heart, you will make space for love and light, which should be the ones that have space in it. You have to remember that you no longer have to keep this baggage that you are holding on to. It is not doing you any good. The best course of action is to let go of it so that you will have space for all of the good things you deserve and more.


Imagine you are a creature that sheds its skin, transforming what was into what is. In this case, you have to embrace change as part of your life. We are always changing, and you have to choose to change for the better. See, really see, all that is no longer wanted, no longer needed, all that no longer serves you, leaving your physical body, your mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies NOW. You will see and feel them get released. They should no longer have a hold on your heart, and you should no longer let them linger anymore.


See the old as it is, gray and lifeless. Imagine Divine White Light coming into your physical body, cleansing, rejuvenating, purifying, and healing all that remains. You will be finally healed, and you will finally get to let go of the negative thoughts that no longer have a space within you. All that remains is born of Love. Love of self, Love of others without limitation for their wants, needs, and desires and for your own. When there is love, there is the ultimate power of positivity and light and everything good in this world.


Love for that which has come before. Love for that which is yet to come. Love for and, in this moment, giving thanks for all that is now behind you, making way for all that you are, all you have always been and will be. Love is the ultimate answer and will give you hope, compassion, and all of the good things in the world. Embrace love, as it will lead you to do good in this life. Hence, you should let go of the things that do not matter. Then, you will have a space in your heart, and it will be full of love. 


How shall you begin this day and the next? How shall you truly be open to receiving all that is? You have to ponder on this so that you will start the next days ahead with a newer perspective in life. Remember that you should begin this day while releasing what should no longer be bound to you and embracing what would be next to come. You have the ultimate power if you will choose to hold on to things you should no longer hold on to or if you will choose to let go of the past and embrace love and what is next for you.

Amanda Cooper

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