Angel Message Of The Day : Path Less Traveled

Angel of Serenity 


Challenges and conflicts arise before you in many ways presenting illusions of discontent, mistrust, dis-ease, and dis-harmony. You may feel that those around you are not being truthful or fair to you. Some of your closest relationships may be strained and even painful. Your emotions may be conflicted and confusing. You may have a sense of being overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your control. You may have a sense of being misunderstood or misjudged by others. However, all these challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth if you are willing to look within yourself first and foremost for the answers rather than looking outside yourself.


The path less traveled is one of serenity, releasing that which attempts to distract you from your true path. There are many forms of distractions and many things that can keep you from living life to the fullest. Some other individuals find their thoughts distracted by material possessions or by the trappings of modern society. Others may be distracted by other people’s opinions or by the desire for perfectionism. Others may even be distracted by their thoughts and feelings about themselves. It’s easy to get caught up in all these things and lose sight of what matters in life, which is simply being happy with who you are. However, how do you change your mindset from being stuck in a rut and start moving towards your goals? Take some time off from the busiest days of your life and volunteer for something meaningful in your community. Start writing down everything that comes into your mind every day to know things you have been grateful for, and find an activity that calms your mind and brings joy into your life.

Stay the course beloved child for there is much for you to do, much light to share amongst all who would see it. To those who are lost in the darkness of their minds, be patient with them and show them the light in your eyes, let them see how much joy it brings into your lives and theirs. Allow time for them to adjust to its brightness as they adjust their eyesight back onto their path once again. Do not let the world confuse you with its noise, for this is but a temporary place and there are many more in store for those who seek. Always remind yourself that this too shall pass. When life seems too hard that you need an extra bit of help sometimes or someone else’s shoulder to lean on while you get through those hard times together as one family on this earth together.

Be not afraid for there is nothing, no one, no experience to fear. You are loved, cherished, and supported. Fear has no place in your heart or mind; it does not belong there nor does it find its home there. As this is an illusion which only exists in your mind and nowhere else. Fear comes from the mind, not from any external source. Fear does not come from outside of you, because there is nothing to fear outside of you. Gain up your courage and this comes from knowing that whatever happens will be okay because you have faith in yourself and your ability to handle it. You do not need to be afraid of anything anymore because there is nothing to fear. This means that there are no more obstacles between you and happiness because there never were any in the first place.

That which at first appears to be an obstacle, a challenge, or a loss may indeed be a blessing gifted to you. Your life has been blessed with this situation. It is here for your growth and development. It is here for your empowerment and enlightenment. When you can look at the situation that has come in your life and recognize it as a gift, you will be able to see that this is a situation that will bring great benefits and blessings into your life. You will be able to see that many positive things can come from this situation, even though it may appear negative or challenging at first glance.


Allow all that is gifted in love and light to seek you. Let your soul be filled with the light of the universe as you open your heart and mind to the gifts of love and light. You are loved unconditionally by the Divine One. You are enough exactly as you are. You are beautiful in every way, just as you are. Allow yourself to be loved unconditionally by everyone around you, including yourself. Be grateful for all that comes into your life and allow it to flow through you freely without resistance or fear of change or loss of control over anything or anyone else’s happiness or well-being but your own.

Allow all that is placed before you that is not of love and light to simply flow past you for there is no truth in darkness and shadow. The more you allow yourself to receive the gifts of love and light, the more they will flow through you into others. You become a conduit for this divinely beautiful energy to reach those around you who are ready to receive it at this time. You will be guided by your soul’s intuitive knowledge, which can only be accessed when you are in a state of calm and centered.  Be open to receiving new ideas into your life and heart that may seem foreign or “different” at first glance but hold great wisdom within them if you will only take the time to listen closely enough with an open mind and heart so that they might reveal themselves fully unto you as they need to be heard by one such as yourself who has been blessed with this opportunity now so very rarely offered.


The path less traveled is the way of serenity, peace and joy, harmony and contentment, abundance, and prosperity, knowing all is well in this moment and every moment. Breathe beloved child for all shall be revealed. The journey begins with taking one step at a time on the path without looking back or worrying about what may happen tomorrow. As you take these steps, you begin to trust that whatever happens will be for your highest good.

Amanda Cooper

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