Angel Message Of The Day : Release Limitation



What binds you to thoughts of limitation, fearing the unknown? You can be free from them, just like you are free from anything else you fear. You can choose not to let fear rule your life and influence your decisions. You can choose not to let fear keep you from pursuing what you want in life. Fear is only there for a reason: it’s trying to protect you from something that may or may not happen – or it’s trying to prevent something that did happen. But if you can look at your fears objectively, you can see that they’re often groundless, and sometimes even ridiculous. When you think about it, there’s almost no reason why you should feel afraid of anything. You overcome your fears by realizing that they aren’t real and then replacing them with positive thoughts and feelings instead.


Take a moment; breathe deeply releasing all thoughts of lack, releasing any fears of not having all you desire.  Releasing any thoughts that you need to do more, be more, or have more. Allow your mind to clear and focus on the present moment. Release all thoughts that you are not enough, that you are lacking something or someone special in your life. Take a deep breath and release all fear, worry, and anxiety about the future. Now, take that energy and place it in a box. This box represents your release limitation. Let go of the box and allow it to float away from you, into the universe, and out of your life.


Beloved child of light, seek love within. Love is the essence of who you are. Love is your true nature and it’s what makes you human. When you feel unloved or discouraged by life, it’s because you’ve forgotten this truth about yourself. The love you seek is not outside you but within you. It is not something new but rather a remembering of what already exists within you. This love is the source of all that flows through your life and the source of your joy and peace. Seek this love within yourself and then share it with others.


Have you tended the garden of your desires, pulling any weeds, releasing stray thoughts of fearful doubt? Weeds affect the surroundings of your garden for your growth and it is time for you to pick those up. You may have been in a relationship that didn’t work out, a job that drained you, or a situation that was no longer good for you. This does not mean that there is something wrong with you but it was just not meant to be. These things happen for a reason but you tend to forget about them once something better comes along. People make mistakes and sometimes you are left with scars from those mistakes but those scars teach you lessons about life and how to deal with things better in the future. It’s all part of life’s journey through the ups and downs.


Have you fertilized your garden of desires with loving thoughts, joy, and harmony? Let all the positives in your life remove all the weeds in your heart. Breathe in and out several times until you feel free from all toxins released from within yourself. The Universe has provided you with everything that you need for this moment in time; all that is required is for you to allow yourself to receive it by taking action on what it is that truly matters most to you and then allowing yourself to trust as well as believe in what comes next in this amazing journey of yours when you remove the weeds in your garden.


Release limiting thoughts, old wounds that bind you to that which is behind you. Unhealthy attachments are the cause of pain, suffering, and disease in your life. You can make yourself ill by holding on to old hurts, resentments, and disappointments. The past is gone and cannot be changed – it is over and done with. You can choose to hold on to it or let it go. Your life is what you make it; the future is totally under your control. What do you want from your life? What do you want from this moment? What do you want from this day? What do you want from yourself? Do not allow anyone else’s expectations to shape your future unless they are good ones.


Release the fear of not having all you desire in your life; peace, harmony, love, prosperity, clarity, kindness. Release the fear of not being enough, of not doing it right, of not looking good enough. Release the fear of not being loved or accepted for who you are. Release all these fears that keep you stuck and separate from who you are. Release the fear that there is something wrong with you and that others will see this and reject you. Release the fear that someone else’s opinion matters more than what your heart tells you.


Release behaviors that bind you to what was causing frustration, and dis-content.  This will allow you to move forward in your life with more ease. These are behaviors that are not serving you, but they are familiar and comfortable. They may have been adaptive at one time in your life, but now they are holding you back. You are now ready to move into a new phase of your life. You have released and let go of the past. You have accepted your present circumstances and are now ready for positive change. You are in a state of mind where you can easily attract whatever you desire into your life. 


There is much abundance if you would but open your eyes to see, open your ears to hear. Reach for the sky, reach for the stars, reach for all you desire in your life, releasing limitations in all its many forms. You are the creator of your own life. You can create anything you want, but you must first release the limitations that hold you back. It’s a great day for you to release all the people, places, and things that are no longer serving you, but instead are holding you back from being fully expressed in your life. When you release your own limitations and allow yourself to be free from them, then you too will be free from their restrictions and limitations.

Amanda Cooper

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