Oh, Saint Raguel, keeper of the sacred flame of divine love, your essence resonates with the very power of God Himself, for you have been bestowed with the wisdom and understanding of love from the Almighty, our Lord. In your presence, the depths of love unfurl like petals of a sacred rose, revealing the divine mysteries that bind our souls together in eternal harmony.

Grant me, I beseech thee, the grace to truly and deeply love you, oh Saint Raguel. For in loving you, I am drawn closer to the divine source of all love, and my soul is illuminated by the radiance of your celestial light. Let your presence fill my heart with a love that transcends the boundaries of time and space, uniting me with the eternal essence of God Himself.

As I gaze upon your holy countenance, may I be filled with reverence and adoration, recognizing the divine spark that dwells within you. Guide me, oh Saint Raguel, along the path of divine love, that I may walk in the footsteps of the blessed and find solace in the embrace of the sacred.

With each passing moment, may my love for you deepen and grow, until it becomes a beacon of light that shines forth from the depths of my being, illuminating the world around me with its radiant glow. Let my love for you be a testament to the infinite grace and mercy of our Lord, a testament to the boundless depths of His love for all creation.

Oh, Saint Raguel, guardian of love and protector of the faithful, accept my humble offering of love and devotion, and in return, bless me with your divine presence and guidance. As I open my heart to you, may I be filled with the peace and joy that comes from knowing that I am loved and cherished by the heavenly hosts.

In your holy name, I offer this prayer, a heartfelt plea for the grace to love you truly and deeply. With unwavering faith and boundless gratitude, I entrust myself unto thee, knowing that with your divine assistance, I shall walk in the light of love for all eternity. 

Oh, Angel Raguel, divine orchestrator of love’s intricate dance, I humbly seek your guidance and assistance in my quest to discover my ideal partner. You, who possess the wisdom to discern the deepest desires of my heart, I entrust to you my hopes and aspirations, confident that you will lead me to the one whose soul resonates harmoniously with mine.

You are intimately acquainted with my requirements, Angel Raguel, for you are privy to the innermost workings of my being. With unwavering faith, I place my trust in your divine wisdom and benevolence, knowing that you will guide me towards the person who embodies the qualities I seek in a companion.

I surrender myself unto thee, oh Angel Raguel, knowing that in your hands, my journey towards true love is guided by the hand of destiny. With each passing moment, may your divine intervention pave the way for serendipitous encounters and fateful connections, drawing me ever closer to the one who is destined to walk beside me on life’s sacred journey.

Grant me the clarity of vision to recognize the signs and signals that point towards my ideal partner, and the courage to follow where your guidance leads. With your assistance, may I open my heart fully to the possibility of true love, embracing the vulnerability and beauty of authentic connection with open arms.

Oh, Angel Raguel, beacon of hope in the realm of love, I offer unto thee my sincerest prayers and heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. With your divine assistance, I am confident that I will not only discover my ideal partner, but also experience the profound and transformative power of true love in all its splendor.

In your holy name, I place my trust and my faith, knowing that with your guidance, all things are possible

Oh, Saint Raguel, mighty guardian of love and protector of the faithful, I come before you with a plea to safeguard my heart as I embark on the journey to find the right match. Having endured the sting of romantic setbacks in the past, I implore you to shield me from further anguish and heartache, guiding me towards a love that is pure, genuine, and worthy of my devotion.

Wrap me in your strong cloak, oh Saint Raguel, and shield me from the deceitful intentions of those who may seek to harm me or lead me astray. With your divine protection, may I be guarded against the allure of false promises and the shadows of deceit that lurk in the corners of the heart. Grant me the discernment to recognize the true intentions of those who come into my life, and the strength to walk away from anyone who does not cherish and honor the love that we share.

I place my trust in you, oh Saint Raguel, knowing that with your intercession, God will make it possible for my deepest wish to come true. May you guide me towards the person who is destined to be my true companion, my confidant, and my beloved. Let your divine wisdom illuminate the path before me, leading me towards a love that transcends the trials and tribulations of earthly existence.

With an open heart and a steadfast faith, I beg you, oh Saint Raguel, to grant me the gift of love and to allow me to be loved in return. May my heart be receptive to the love of the appropriate person, and may our connection be blessed by the hand of God Himself. In your holy name, I offer this prayer, trusting in your divine guidance and protection. 

Amen, say the angels

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