Angel Message Of The Day : Lifting The Veil Of Darkness

Archangel Zadkiel 


Memories of all that have come before are within you. The perception of good or bad is within you. For in the light, there is only love. The veil of darkness seeks to obscure your vision over what is right in front of you. When you look back at all the things that you have experienced, you must keep in mind that it is your ultimate choice of how you will perceive these experiences. It is best to look at your experiences in a positive light. May you seek light wherever you go, as you must remember that in darkness there is light. You have so much to offer those around you, and so much love to share with those who need your kindness and compassion. So much joy and laughter are to spread around wherever you go. Believe in what you feel deep inside your soul. Do not fear failure or fear success.


With each step along the path before you, seemingly insignificant memories of what once were may float to the surface. Light a candle, and allow the flame to show you the way to peace, harmony, and joy. When you take the unwarranted memories and focus on the greatness of your experience, you will get to take these experiences as a lesson and work on yourself. It is important that you seek peace, harmony, and joy in your current situation. When there is peace, you will no longer be at ease and restless in the coming days ahead. When there is harmony, you will feel more in tune with your inner self than ever. When there is joy, there is ultimate happiness in the situation you are in. Inner peace comes from within, not from without; your outside circumstances can only affect how you feel on the inside. The better you feel about yourself, the more likely you will be to attract positive things into your life.

In seeking these things, all simply fall from you, healing your Inner-Spirit, healing your physical being. Your Inner-Spirit is the part of you that has the ability to feel and connect with other people, it is the part of you that can be creative and imaginative, it is the part of you that can express feelings and emotions, it is the part of you that cares about others. When this part of yourself falls away from you, it brings about a great deal of inner turmoil, which can lead to depression or anxiety. Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. When you trust the grand process and have faith that all will be well in due time, you will no longer have to fear the unknown. Continue to hold onto the light, and focus on healing your mind and soul


Imagine a heavy, dark curtain keeping the light of day from your eyes. With your inner sight, pull back the curtain allowing even the tiniest ray of light to shine into the inky darkness. You must keep in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how bad the situation is at the moment, it is your ultimate choice to finally open the curtains to let the light in. Choose to make space for light and love in your heart and mind. All of the darkness that may consume you will be erased, as you must remember that darkness is only the absence of light. Look about you, where there was once darkness, now there is light. Now, if you are willing, pull the curtain back a bit farther. Does not the light begin to illuminate all? The lifting of the veil is important in order to see past the distractions and negativity that life brings from time to time. You must focus on the light that illuminates even in dire times

Breathe in light, exhale shadow or darkness. Breathe in light, exhale all that no longer serves your highest and best good. Walk in the light beloved child, in the light all is healed.  Breathe in the joy of being alive and breathing. Let your heart fill with gratitude for all the gifts that surround you — even the ones you don’t yet see. Breathe in the love you feel for yourself and others. Let it fill every corner of your soul so that it can bathe every part of your body. We breathe in the light of our birth and begin to live under the influence of it. The moment we are born into this world, everything is different for us and for everyone around us. What do you want to be doing with your life? What do you want others to see? How do you want others to perceive you? What is the best version of yourself – who do you want to be? You have been given this opportunity right here, right now. Choose to focus on light and love. In the light, there is no darkness at all. In the light, we are all connected to each other through love and compassion.

In the light, there is love, warmth, abundance and prosperity, harmony, peace, and joy beyond measure. The power of the light is greater than all darkness combined. When you feel light, you know that you are loved and cared for. You feel warmth, kindness, and love to give to yourself and to others. There is harmony in yourself, and you are in tune with your wants and needs. Take a deep breath and let go of what no longer serves you. Let go of fear, anger, doubt, or any other negative emotion that has held you back from living the life that is meant for you. It will destroy your fears and doubts, and give you a new life of purpose and meaning. As you follow this path of inner light, you will experience a deep sense of well-being that cannot be described in words. It is an experience that will change your life forever. The light beckons you. Step into the light with an open heart beloved child.

Amanda Cooper

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