Angel Message Of The Day : Anticipation

Guardian Angel of Hope and Desire 


Each day you wake to all that is before you.  Each day you wake to the gift of hope and desire. Each day you wake to the gift of choice. When you wake up, you are given the chance to make the most of your day. It is your ultimate choice if you will choose to see through all of your hardships and challenges and focus on your hopes and desires. You are blessed and have been given the chance to focus on the things that matter.


Each day you wake with the gift of anticipation. What do you anticipate this day? When you are given the gift of anticipation, you have the opportunity to look forward the most to your heart’s desires. Your hopes and desires will manifest the more that you anticipate that they will come. It is important to be in the present, but at the same time, you are seeking to achieve your goals and desires. Divulge into the gift of anticipation where you will seek your hopes and let the flicker of hope burn on your heart and soul. Seek the love and light within you.

Do you anticipate harmony and peace all about you? Or perhaps you anticipate shadow and darkness lurking about each turn. It is important that you know which one to focus on. You must let yourself hold onto the positivity where there is peace and harmony all over. Release all of the thoughts and emotions that may lead to darkness and negativity. There is no use for anticipating the darkness of tomorrow. Instead, you must look forward to happy and peaceful encounters. Focus on your goal where you will anticipate obtaining goals and aspirations. Bask in harmony as you will feel fulfilled and all will feel well. Bask in peace as you will feel the worries and doubts wash away before you. 


As the sun rises each morning, the sky is painted with brilliant colors of soft rose, lilac, and sometimes iridescent orange gold. Does the sun tire of shining forth each day? Does the sun brood because its light appears to be hidden from view? There are times where you will not be able to bask in the light. There are times where the hurdles of the world may seem too much, and there are times when  the burdens may feel extra heavy. However, you should not lose heart. Instead, you must let the love and light be within you still.  

How then can you not choose to shine forth each moment as if for the first time? Does the light of the sun cease in anticipation of clouds or the darkness of night? It is important that no matter which situation you will be in, you will radiate the light within you. Choose to focus on anticipating the best moments of your life, and anticipating what comes next for you. You are a light to others, and you have always been. You must make sure that your priorities are set so you can focus on the love and light within each step that you take towards your journey.   


The choice is the greatest of all gifts, for in choosing, anticipation and desire shine forth as a beacon for all to see. Desire to shine for you this day. It is important to choose to be a better version of yourself. By choosing to anticipate and bask in the light rather than to loom in the darkness is a big step which will benefit you. At the same time, show gratitude for being blessed with the choices that you make. It is a gift that you should be thankful for at all times. 


Beloved child, smooth your brow, open your eyes, and choose to face that which is before you with love and light. Start anew by making sure to choose to shine and radiate love and light. By facing what matters, you shall reach your goals and aspirations in no time. Anticipate what comes next for you and embrace all that is to come. You will be more blessed than ever, and it is important that you focus on the light and love. Gift yourself this day with compassion, hope, and with desire.

Amanda Cooper

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