Angel Message Of The Day : Empowerment



Finding the spark of truth within is a most powerful gift of empowerment. It is important that you acknowledge the truth within yourself. This kind of acknowledgment will empower you and bring you to new heights. Rub your hands together. Gently place your hands about your throat. As you close your eyes sense love caressing your inner voice. What truth do you wish to speak? There are things that we may have a hard time speaking of. There are things that may need some courage before we can talk about them. It is important that you speak your truth and focus on only the truth. 


What truth have you been holding from yourself? What truth do you seek? You must reflect on the things that you may be holding back from yourself. Are there any truths that you are afraid to speak of? Are there any truths that you are afraid to figure out? It is important that you are true to yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else, and you must reach within to understand yourself better. 


Surround your Self with soft aquamarine light. Light an aquamarine or white candle. Focus your gaze on the flame of the candle clearing your mind of all things. Imagine a sweet soothing voice. This is the sweet melodic voice of Angel Jeduthun.  


Do you seek inner strength in speaking your truth to yourself and others? When speaking the truth, it takes courage and strength. It will be freely given to you, so long as you ask for strength in speaking the truth for yourself and to others. Do not be afraid to speak your own voice, and you must know that you are never alone in your journey ahead. It is important that you stand for your own truth, especially if it will cause betterment for yourself and others. 


Do you wish to release negative thoughts about anything or anyone? If there are negative thoughts that have been looming in your mind, it is important that you let them go. Any manifestation of negativity in your mind will not do you any good. You must learn what thoughts you should keep, and you must be mindful of your thoughts and actions. It is important that you release these thoughts, and make space for thoughts of love and light. Spread love and light instead where you can thrive and spread positivity along the way. It will not only benefit you but others, as well.


Perhaps you seek empowerment from within the center of your physical body. Imagine what it would feel like, sound like. How does empowerment transform that which is before you at this moment? You are given the empowerment that you have been seeking. You are given the chance to have the courage and conquer the fears and uncertainties with the truth. Bask in the knowledge that you are empowered. You are stronger than you think you are, and you must know that it is important that you focus on love, light, and harmony.   


Breathe deeply, infuse this feeling, this knowing within you. Allow all your senses to bring a smile to your beautiful Angelic face. Feel the smile float all around your physical body, feel the smile radiate from within to all around you. When there are no worries that are looming inside of you, you may feel restless and afraid. Once you have gathered the courage to face it all and once all of these worries are released, you will no longer feel down. You will be empowered more than ever, and it is a gift that has been given to you. Bask in this gift, and show gratitude and appreciation.


Feel your entire being sigh in love, light, and harmony. Give the gift of your smile. You must know that there is much to focus on in life. Let yourself be filled with love, so that you would feel the warmth, appreciation, affection and all there is with yourself and everyone else. Let yourself be filled with light, so that you will be filled with hope and positivity all along your journey. Let yourself be in harmony so that all will be balanced and right. Give the gift of empowerment to you this day.

Amanda Cooper

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