Angel Message Of The Day : Expansion

Archangel Haniel 


There is a knowing deep within you, a knowing that all is well, all is in Divine Order. There is much change occurring all around you. It originates within, which refers to our own minds, houses, environments, finances, physical selves, and interpersonal interactions. To raise our consciousness, we must have Divine Order in all areas of our lives.

There is much change occurring within you. You won’t act like a “victim” of the change. Instead, you learn to control your emotions, seek out support, and do your part to contribute to the change. In actuality, most of us use a combination of escape and control coping when faced with significant change.

Change need not be feared, for in change there is expansion beyond the limitations of what was. You can become more adaptable and flexible by embracing and accepting change. When someone fights against and rejects the change, it might be much tougher on them. Dealing with change is much easier if you can accept it. As we cope with change more frequently, we grow accustomed to it and find it simpler to do so.

Expansion is growth, emotional healing, seeing, hearing, and feeling differently. “Children who comprehend and express their emotions more readily have improved social and empathetic abilities, which can support the development of relationships. Even intellectually, they perform better. Children are taught which emotions are allowed to express and how to do so even before they start school.

Expansion is being open to all that awaits you. A sync function execution is paused by the await expression until a Promise is settled (that is, fulfilled or rejected), and it is then resumed following fulfillment. When resumed, the fulfilled Promise serves as the value of the awaiting expression.

Expansion is being willing to shed all that no longer resonates within your heart, mind, and Soul.  As a result, when something “resonates” with you, it is a reflection of how you feel and see the world. You find it very meaningful, and it might even make you feel emotionally touched.

Expansion is accepting the path before you may not be the same for another. Expansion is accepting the path before you may not be the same for another. The expansion comes from acknowledging that someone else’s journey may not be the same as yours. Expansion means acknowledging that the route you previously took might not have been the same for someone else.

Expansion is loving, gentle, and compassionate. The love and compassion we feel for individuals we know and even those we do not know is what is meant by extending care. In order to lessen the suffering of any kind, one must approach the world with compassion. This occasionally requires putting our family members first.

Expansion is accepting where you are, where you have been, remaining open to all that is before you this day and all that is yet to be made manifest. We always experience new energy, possibilities, and wants because we live in a growing cosmos. We can either support this process or we can oppose it.

Walking in the light, being in the light, radiating light gifts thee with grace, knowledge, gifts thee with humility. The phrase “walk in the light” refers to following the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every aspect of our lives. Any darkness in us is revealed as we walk with Him in the light, and in this situation, the blood of Jesus is perpetually purifying us of sin.

Journey the path before you radiating light, radiating love, radiating hope, radiating courage and strength. Manifest Christ. The hope of God the Father for people on earth can be summed up in these two phrases. Both a fact and a mission are contained in the words: the reality that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all humanity, and the mission of every Christian is to take part in Son’s redemptive work for the world.

Journey this day in peace filled contentment. Being content just means accepting the present moment without being complacent. It may be more challenging to be inspired to work toward a better future if you are not content with where you are in life right now. Contentment is what you should practice if you want mental clarity and a happy outlook.

Amanda Cooper

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