Love Prayer with Archangel Haniel


Love Prayer with Archangel Haniel

In the radiant presence of God’s glorious divine love, I surrender my consciousness and life experience, opening myself to the transformative power of His boundless grace. With a heart filled with faith and trust, I invite the light of His love to permeate every corner of my being, illuminating the depths of my soul and guiding me on the path of divine alignment.

As I bask in the warmth of His unconditional love, I recognize the inherent truth that I am a beloved child of the Divine, worthy of all the blessings that He has in store for me. With this awareness, I allow the light to expand my heart’s energy, radiating outward like a beacon in the darkness, attracting unto me that which is a perfect vibrational match for my soul.

In this state of openness and receptivity, I affirm my readiness to receive true love into my life, a love that is pure, authentic, and in perfect resonance with the essence of who I am. I release all fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that may have hindered my ability to manifest love in the past, knowing that I am now aligned with the highest vibration of love and abundance.

With each breath I take, I draw closer to the divine union that awaits me, trusting in the divine timing and orchestration of the universe. I remain patient and steadfast in my faith, knowing that God’s plan for me is one of love, fulfillment, and divine connection.

I surrender my desires and intentions to the wisdom of the Divine, trusting that He will guide me to the love that I seek in His perfect timing and according to His divine will. I release any attachments to specific outcomes, knowing that God’s plan is always far greater than anything I could imagine for myself.

In this sacred space of surrender and trust, I affirm my readiness to receive the abundant blessings of true love into my life. I open my heart wide, allowing the divine energy of love to flow freely through me, blessing me with a profound sense of wholeness, joy, and fulfillment.

With gratitude and humility, I give thanks for the love that is already present within me and around me, knowing that as I continue to align myself with the vibration of divine love, I will effortlessly attract into my life the love that I desire and deserve.

With a willing heart and a spirit open to transformation, I consciously choose to confront and resolve old patterns of romantic pain that have held me captive, hindering my ability to fully give and receive love. I call upon Archangel Haniel, the angel of divine grace and illumination, to shine her radiant light upon the sabotaging interferences and fears of loss that have plagued my romantic journey.

As I stand in the presence of divine love, I surrender these burdensome patterns and fears to the loving embrace of Archangel Haniel, trusting in her wisdom and guidance to illuminate the shadows that have obscured my path to true love. With her divine assistance, I release all limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that have kept me bound in cycles of pain and suffering, allowing the healing light of divine grace to wash over me and set me free.

I affirm with unwavering resolve my readiness to embark upon the journey of true love, adorned with the virtues of peace, unity, and sincerity. With a steadfast determination, I stand prepared to dismantle the walls I have meticulously erected around my heart, to cast aside the armor of protection that has long shielded me from the vulnerability inherent in matters of the heart.

In this sacred moment of surrender, I embrace love in its purest and most authentic form, unencumbered by fear or doubt. With a heart unfurled like the petals of a blossoming flower, I welcome the possibility of deep connection and profound intimacy, knowing that within the depths of my being, I am worthy of love and deserving of all the blessings it bestows.

I release any lingering hesitations or reservations that may have held me back, allowing the radiant light of love to permeate every fiber of my being. I trust in the divine orchestration of the universe, knowing that each step of this journey is guided by a higher purpose and imbued with divine grace.

With humility and gratitude, I offer myself fully to the boundless expanse of love’s embrace, ready to be enveloped in its warmth and nurtured by its gentle touch. I embrace the vulnerability that comes with opening my heart, recognizing it as a sacred gateway to the depths of authentic connection and soulful communion.

I pledge to honor the sanctity of love, nurturing its flame with tender care and devotion. I vow to cherish each moment shared with my beloved, cultivating a bond rooted in mutual respect, understanding, and unwavering support.

With courage as my companion and love as my guiding star, I step boldly into the radiant dawn of a new chapter, where the echoes of past wounds are transformed into melodies of healing and renewal. I walk hand in hand with love, knowing that with each beat of my heart, I am drawing closer to the fulfillment of my deepest desires and the realization of my truest self.

Thank you, Archangel Haniel, for your loving presence and unwavering support. Thank you for illuminating the path to healing and transformation, and for guiding me toward a future filled with love, joy, and fulfillment. With deepest gratitude and profound reverence, I surrender to the divine flow of love, trusting in the infinite wisdom of the universe to lead me ever closer to my heart’s truest desires.


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