Angel Message Of The Day : Believe

Guardian Angel of Belief 


In whatsoever you shall believe, it shall come to pass. If you are in a dire situation at this moment,  and it may seem like a dark path now, you must remember that all of this will pass. Continue to carry on with your journey knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is important that you keep faith in your heart and soul while you continue on the path that you are headed. Continue to stand your ground of believing that all will be well in due time. Trust that there is a Divine Order and that you are at the right place at the right moment. 

This we say to you, know all is before you. Know all is given for the asking. Know all is made known to you for seeking. What does it take for you to believe? It is important to manifest whatever it is that your heart desire. Seek and ask your heart’s desires and you shall receive them in due time. You must find the answer within, and focus on your goals and desires. Rise above all doubts and hindrances that you may encounter. Seek your vision, and trust the process that you are in at this moment. 


Know all is open to you for the knocking. All you desire is already before you. So as long as you seek whatever you must desire, it will be given to you and will be at your doorstep. Do not fret, and trust the grand process. It is important that you strengthen your belief, and no longer doubt and worry. Seek the peace that you have been looking for.  All you desire is made known to us. All you ask, all you desire, all you seek is already given to you. You may not realize it yet at the moment. However, whatever it is that you desire is already given at the moment that you have asked. Trust the grand process, the Divine Order, and it shall come at the right moment. Believe that all is open so long as you seek them.

Trust. Believe. Cast away doubt and fear. Cast out all that is not borne of love today. You must release all of your doubts and fears in order to move forward. You must no longer hold onto the baggage that may hinder the process. Rise above the doubts and fears that may linger in your heart and mind. To rise above, you must learn to trust and believe the Divine Order set for you. It may seem the bleakest and unclear at times, as there are inevitably hindrances that may come your way. However, you must not lose heart. Instead, it is important that you radiate love and light. With light, there is hope and your true essence shall be renewed. 


Open thy Self, open your heart. Accept gifts given to you.  Embrace all that has been there and all that is there to come. Show gratitude and appreciation for the gifts that are given to you. Welcome them with open arms, and you must open your heart and soul to all possibilities. It is important that you open yourself to love and light. Once you release all the negativity that may loom in your heart, you will be making space for positivity such as the love in your heart and the spark of light in your life. Continue to seek your Self and strengthen your connection within. What is it that you truly desire the most? It is important to manifest what you have been seeking all this time. 


Trust. Believe.  Have faith in the beloved child of the Divine Source. There is nothing too great or too small for the asking. There is nothing too great or too small for the seeking. There is nothing too great or too small for the giving. Ask for all whatever you desire the most in the world, and you shall receive it. Seek whatever your heart’s desires would be, and you will inevitably find it on your doorstep. The Divine Source will not make a mistake and will provide what is right and meant for you. Trust. Believe. Know all is in Divine Order this moment and the next.

Amanda Cooper

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