Angel Message Of The Day : Flames of Passion and Desire

Angel of Divine Timing 


All is well, beloved child, for there is peace and harmony, joy and laughter, health and wellness, abundance and prosperity all about you. You are fully equipped with the gifts you have given to you. Move forward with those gifts to face the challenge of your path. Find that something you feel the desire within your heart. You must know what you want to prosper in your life. Love yourself first before loving anyone else in your life because if you don’t love yourself first no one else will love you too. Let go of all things that do not serve your highest good and replace them with those things that do. Heal any past wounds or pain by using forgiveness on yourself so that you can be free from guilt, shame, or regret over what happened in your past life experiences. 


Be willing and open to all that is around you. Know that life is beautiful and full of joy when we allow ourselves to fully experience it without fear or worry about what might happen next.

Light the flame of passion and desire within you. Awaken your desires and increase the flames of passion as this is the real you moving. The flame of passion is what gives meaning to life; it makes everything worthwhile; it helps you do things that you normally wouldn’t do otherwise; it gives you hope and strength when you’re down; it makes you happy when you’re sad; it makes your heart beat faster when you see something beautiful; it makes every moment worth living. Be willing to take risks, even if they may not always be successful; this will help you move forward in your life with confidence and determination.

Sense the spark of Divinity deep within, allow the embers of your deepest desires to come alive.   Be the best version of yourself that you can be. You have the power to make things happen and to change your world. Only through knowing this can your true potential be realized. This is the time for action, for creation. There are many ways to live your life and this is a time of great abundance and opportunity. Change begins with awareness so take time each day to reflect on where you’re at in life, where you want to be, and how you can get there by shifting your thoughts about yourself and others.


Take time to fan the flames with patience, love, kindness, compassion, faith and gratitude.  Take things slowly but surely with your passion and desires. As this is already embedded in your body that will never be taken away from anyone. You have learned from your personal experience that when you are in a situation where the flames are out, it is so easy to get frustrated. It’s easy to give up hope and think that things will never change. But if you take a step back, you will see that it has been made. The universe works in mysterious ways and everything happens for a reason. All these situations are happening because they are part of the path you need to take to achieve your goals and desires. All is well.  As everything will be okay. If things never go with what you have planned, take a deep breath and keep your flames alive.


Know all is according to Divine Timing, for all is revealed to you for the asking. Continue to be patient with your desires as they are like plants that need enough water and time to grow every day. Keep hoping for better results as time will tell you the answer to this. The key here is that you must keep trying your best to achieve what you want out of life and never give up even when things get tough along the way, as this will only help build character upon which you can rely in times of difficulty down the road when things may not be going so well at first glance but they eventually will be in due time if you keep working at it consistently over time. Know that each day brings new opportunities for growth and change as long as you are open to accepting them and working hard on making them happen for yourself. Do not give up on achieving your goals or dreams because you are afraid of failure or success, but always remember that if you do not try then there is no chance of success at all in any case. You mustn’t judge yourselves by your past mistakes and try your best not to make new ones again.


All is revealed in the seeking. To seek is to look within yourself, for only there can you find it. You can escape from this as this will go towards you. Keep your head up and remain looking forward. Always be aware of what is happening around you and how it affects you. You must become conscious of your surroundings and how this affects you psychologically, physically, and emotionally.

All is revealed, for there are no secrets kept from you. Everything that has happened in your life has led you to this moment of realization and understanding. You were guided here by forces beyond your comprehension because you had to find out for yourself what it is like to be human – a creature born of love and fear, capable of both great darkness and great light.  You have always known what you must do, but you have not dared to do it. You see with clarity all that has happened, all that is happening now, and all that will happen in the future. Follow your heart and your instincts and they will never betray you.
Know all is well; all is given to you without hesitation, without exception.  The gifts of passions and desires are the natural gifts given to you unconditionally. Accept these gifts and allow them to guide your life in the direction they wish to go. It is not your place to judge whether the path they lead you down is the right one or not. Know it is so. Know this to be true. Know this to be your truth. Know that the universe will provide exactly what is needed for you to fulfill your desires, in a way that is both efficient and effective. As there are no limitations or boundaries on who you can become or what you can achieve in life.

Amanda Cooper

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