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Archangel Remiel 


Hope is the well of eternal faith. Without hope, all is lost; with hope, there’s no telling how much can be gained. It is the power that makes you believe in what you cannot see, and the strength to do what you cannot do. It is the well of eternal faith. It is a virtue and a gift from the Divine One. It cannot be bought or sold for any money. Hope is like a window that opens up your heart and mind to see things differently from before. It gives you hope and confidence that there will always be something better than what you have now. If you lose hope, then you lose your ability to dream, which means you lose your ability to make things happen for yourself or anyone else for that matter. Without hope, there can be no dreams or visions. You must always keep hope alive within yourself so that you can continue to grow both spiritually and mentally.


Hope sparks passion within. Invest yourself in hope, as this is your fuel for the things you are passionate about. There’s a difference between work and passion. Work is something you do to pay the bills, while passion is something you do because you love it. It’s your fuel. Hope inspires action. Hope pushes you forward when you feel like giving up, and it gives you the courage to take risks even when you’re afraid. You can’t force yourself to be passionate about something. Passion comes from within. If you have a passion for something and someone else doesn’t, that’s okay. Understand that it’s not just about what you like or don’t like, but about what makes you happy and fulfilled. When you have a sense of purpose, it makes life more meaningful and fulfilling. It gives you something to strive for and work toward so that rather than just drifting through life aimlessly, you’re actively engaged with it daily.

Hope never surrenders trusting all is well, all is being made manifest just as you desire or better. It does not allow the mind to overreact to challenges and obstacles. Hope does not give up when faced with failure or disappointment; it hopes that next time will be different. When you can imagine something better than what you have now, then you have hope for something better in your future. If you don’t have hope for something better in your future, then why would you bother working toward it? Hope is what keeps you going when things aren’t going so well right now. When you are filled with hope, you know there is a reason for everything that happens in your life as this creates positive expectations about the future and motivates you to take action towards your goals in life. It gives you the courage to go ahead despite obstacles or setbacks you may encounter along the way toward your goal, even if you don’t know what that reason is yet.


Hope gives you strength and courage to place one foot in front of the other along the path before you. It is a virtue that can be developed through prayer, meditation, study, contemplation, and action. It is a powerful force that propels you into action when you feel stuck or discouraged. It’s important to stay positive even when faced with setbacks or difficult circumstances because it’s only through your perseverance that you will eventually achieve what you desire most for yourself and your loved ones. Hope also helps people overcome fear and find new ways of thinking about problems that seem unsolvable. It allows you to see opportunities where others see only obstacles, and to imagine possibilities where others see only problems. When you have hope, you’re more likely to take risks and try out new ideas, which often leads you down paths that eventually lead you closer to your goals.

Hope provides comfort and solace. The comfort you have invested in is on its way to you and mend all the grief you have encountered in life. This helps you to stay positive about future events and situations, even when things seem hopeless at the present moment. It gives you a sense of optimism about your future life and inspires you to work harder for it than ever before. Hope never fails but always grows stronger with each challenge faced by the human race on earth. This also gives you the courage to face your problems head-on and conquer them with determination, strength, and courage because you know that God is always there for you even when things seem impossible to handle.


Hope is a seed that, when carefully tended with love, mercy, and compassion, bears fruit beyond your dreams. Just like planting a money tree in your life, it grows as you water on its soil. Giving and investing your hope to let this tree grow will give you abundance in life. There will be times in life when you will encounter difficult challenges however despite evidence to the contrary. Hope makes you keep going when you want to give up or quit. Hope makes you work hard for what you want because you believe you can achieve it. Hope helps you stay focused on your goals and dreams rather than being distracted by obstacles or setbacks along the way. When you are hopeful about something or someone, you are filled with positive expectations about how things will turn out in the end and you continue to work hard toward achieving those expectations even when obstacles get in your way along the way.


Hope is the spark of Divinity within. You are divine, you are a being of light, and you are connected to all that is. You are here on Earth for a reason, and it is your job to find that reason. Hope does not disappoint, because it is not dependent upon circumstances. The evidence for hope lies in your strength to overcome whatever obstacles you may face. This sustains you through difficult times and helps you remain positive when life seems difficult or impossible. Hope is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe because it gives you the ability to see things happen before they do, even if you cannot see how or why they will take place. With hope, you can have faith that no matter what happens, you will always be okay because you know there must be some purpose behind it all. 

Hope paves the way for truth, faith, and unconditional love. It’s not just an emotion, it’s an emotion that lasts forever. It’s like a promise you make to yourself before you’ve even met someone or something, and then every time you meet that person or experience that thing, you’re reminded of it and it makes your heart soar or break.


Hope is an investment that you will need in life. When you are faced with a challenge, hope can give you the strength to overcome it. Hope is what keeps you going when you feel like giving up. Hope can be the difference between giving up or continuing with your goals and dreams. When you feel despair or defeat, you give up and stop trying; however, if you have hope then you continue striving toward your goals until they are achieved. Hope is what keeps you going even when it seems like there’s no way out of your present situation. Hope is an investment that will pay off in the future. The more you invest in hope today, the better your life will be tomorrow.

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