Angel Message Of The Day : New Beginnings

Guardian Angel of New Beginnings 


This is the day Divine Source hath made.  Does it appear a bit brighter, filled with a bit more promise?  When there is a new beginning, there is a feeling of starting anew. You are given the chance to try once again, and you must treasure this gift that has been given to you. There are many ways that you can start your day, and the promise of a new beginning shall motivate you to gear up and be ready for what is next. Make use of the fresh start to open your heart to all possibilities laid up for you. You must open your heart to what comes next, and choose to walk along the path that is full of blessings and gifts. Embrace all that is of love and light


How shall you greet this first day of the rest of your life? Remind yourself that with every day that is given to you, you have the chance to change the prospect of your life. At this moment, you have the day to conjure your life into something that you truly wish for. What intentions will you choose to set for yourself?  You must start every day with the intention of filling your heart with love and light. On your journey, you must not falter and continue to carry on, while holding to the hope of reaching your heart’s desires. There is a chance of greeting the first day of the rest of your life with an open heart and mind. It may seem scary at first when you step into a day full of the unknown. However, you must not falter and focus on making use of this day. Do not let the doubts and worries cloud your mind

How shall you choose to walk along the path opened before you? Will you step forward with an open heart? Perhaps you will choose to listen with your inner ears. When you open your heart to the world, you will gain so much more than you can imagine. When you choose to see through the eyes of love and light, you will understand yourself and those around you better. Listening to your inner ears means understanding yourself better in order to move forward to your goals and heart’s desires. There is nothing better than to radiate love and light in order to see things with clarity and goodness. At this moment, you are given the chance to explore what is around you and within you. Make use of this day as a fresh start where you can learn and love. It is important that you shall choose to walk the path by choosing to radiate light and love.


Embrace all the blessings at this moment for there is no other with which to compare it. Beloved child of Divine Source, all is before you, all is within you, and all is around you. Breathe deeply for there is much before you, prepare yourself. You must learn to accept all the opportunities and possibilities that are given to you. With clarity in your heart and soul, seek the path that you are aiming for. You are given blessings that are of love and light. In all days, there is greatness that guides you to your ultimate path. You are never alone in your journey, and you have always been full of light. Do not be afraid to walk in the uncertainties that every day brings, instead, you can focus on the chances and opportunities it will bring. 

Surround yourself with those of like mind; embrace those who are beginning their journey upon the Earthly realm for they are your brethren in all ways. Accept your true essence in love and through love. There is only love and light, all else is an illusion. You must stray away from negativity and distractions that may hinder your journey. Instead, you can focus on the love and light that is around you and within you. Every day that you experience, you are given the chance to create the reality that you seek. The opportunities and gifts that are given to you are endless and will never falter. Fear not for the best is yet to be.

Amanda Cooper

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